Why does everyone like to use LED copper stringing holiday decorations?

In daily life, people often prefer to use some props to add atmosphere. The lamps and lanterns is an important tool for adding the atmosphere. The flickering stage lighting In KTV make the young people sway with light music. At home, turn off the night club party light and put a few pieces of colorful changing electronic candle lights, play tenderness songs, with a never withering rose, In this light blurred fantasy and his beloved ones lived in a cozy two of the world;

In the park, the district tree that fleeting meteor, a meteor once again flash lamp, etc., These are some of the increasing atmosphere lamps and lanterns in our life, and in the festival what is the most commonly used lamps? That is LED string. LED string is the best ideal decoration for Christmas, Halloween, New Year’s day, valentine’s day, party and wedding decoration, which can be installed in the Christmas tree sitting room, the bedroom, the stairs are gallery courtyard garden and outdoor decoration, etc. For anywhere you can think of, you can use it to add a holiday happy charming and romantic and warm atmosphere and the effect of emotional appeal. It can also be used in hotels, restaurants, bars, parties, commercial, home, windows, clubs, concerts, karaoke, fashion shows, dance halls and other places of decorative embellishment atmosphere.

2R beam moving head light

How to create romantic wedding lighting in hot wedding market?

In recent years Wedding market is becoming more and more hot, a lot of audio lighting engineering, also began to converting to this emerging market. As the saying goes, dilettante watch the scene of bustle, expert looks at the way. Every time professional people specializing in lighting and sound attend others’ weddings, may more concern about the scene of the atmosphere, Such as if live sound and lighting configuration is used Crystal Stage, if the hall layout is very spacious atmosphere, if there are pillars and so on.

In a wonderful wedding, lighting is a very important element. Whether the use of Outdoor Led Par Can is good or bad is directly related to the effect of live effects and post image. Today, the use of the wedding lights is not simply limited to follow spot lights. With the gradually increasing demands from new couples, more and more wedding needs specialization. Weddings have been more and more like a variety show, so the new requirements for lighting gradually increased.

15R 330W sharpy beam moving wedding stage lights

Generally speaking, if the couple chooses the outdoor venue, it does not need the lights, except the night wedding. If for indoor venue, It also needs two cases. One is the sunshine hall, one is a closed hall.Sunshine Hall generally has windows. The sunlight can shine directly, without much light to brighten. For this hall, it is generally recommended that newcomers do bright field, that the whole ceremony is at the bright lights and daylight, giving the guests a warm and open feeling, so generally do not need follow lights and other fixtures.

But if the stage is dark, in order to highlight the stage and let the shot better, it is recommended to use surface light to fill light. But in the case of bright field, in order to render a shining light feeling, it is generally not very suitable. Another is closed hall, which don’t want any sun shining, only relying on the lights itself to brighten the hall. Such lights are suitable for dark field to show a shining or pearl effect, giving guests the feeling of romantic mystery. This kind of hall can use the computer lights, follow spot lights and led par light to show different effects. Here to talk about stage lighting design from the perspective of a closed hall in the wedding ceremony.


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