Where is the way to develop the domestic stage lighting industry

Stage lighting is an important part of the show space and which is based on the development of the plot according to the characters and a particular scene to design a full range of lighting for the visual stage lighting environment with the purpose of reproducing the design by the visual images and show the art creation to audiences. We should fully consider the Spatial modeling of the characters and plot space, rigorously follow the rules of modelling, make good use of modeling tools.

Future prospects of stage lighting system are very exciting. After incandescent appeared, Technical change of stage lighting system starts when ellipsoidal reflector (Leko) lamps appeared in the 1930s. In the 1960s, the emergence of SCR dimmers produced a fundamental change to the development stage lighting system. Currently automated lightings and CREE LED Beam Moving Head Light (first appeared in the 1970s) set off another revolution in lighting technology arena.

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The computer software on stage lighting design will continue to develop, in the end it will eventually allow the designer in a completely artistic way of interaction to lead his “vision” technology. Now lighting software for just simply provide the assistance of designing, paintings and paperwork for designers. Future stage lighting design software will be able to use the “touch screen” and “voice recognition” function. Intelligent control stage lighting systems are already visible. Looking at the domestic market, however, often can hear the sales staff and customers, said: “We use imported XX…” Why would the domestic stage lighting relatively backward in the eyes of the people do?

Cause analysis

1.Concept behind

The concept behind involved in many aspects. In the party of manufacturers, some people think the lighting technology content is rather low, once you have a look at it, you can and do not invest any energy to develop on the line as long as counterfeit. Some people think of high-end products have no market because of large capital investment and rather high risks. In addition, their concept of implementation standards is weak and people often turn a blind eye to the technical standards and norms and even sell seconds at best quality prices and their legal concepts is very low, , tend to fake the products. From the user side, some leading theater leaders thought that, it is ok as long as the lights can cope with performances and unwilling to invest more money to upgrade equipment or buy high-end led Beam Moving Head Light . Some theater managers exclude the high maintenance requirements, and use complex, high-performance lighting, even do not care if it is leaky or not but satisfied with no problem in performance and without changing the bulbs. There are a few lights personnel are used to the old lamps so reluctant to accept new things, new products.

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2.The design strength is weak.

There are a small number of designers in some lighting manufacturers, even no designer. Low levels of professional staff, often employ some people in the development of new products temporarily. Although they may invite some real lighting experts, but they do not know the stage, do not understand the function of the lamps on stage, and may not be able to design the lamps welcomed on the stage.
In addition, the experts left after the product development, so the products are unable to improved and upgraded.

3.Lamps development is short of investment and technical reserves

In recent years, some domestic manufacturers have begun discerning greater capital investment and began to have a greater capital investment to develop some new products. But for China, a vast country, it is still far from enough. Driven by economic interests and short-sighted which is not uncommon, and there are less manufacturers who are willing to large technical reserve invest large technical reserves.

4.The impact of low-end market

Currently a lot of troupes and theater have economic constraints, particularly a large number of middle and small theater troupes and some county theaters are prominent.
So there cheap, poor performance products still occupied a wide range of market. Manufacturers have to compete for low-end market, the price war in the offing. can A penny saved never save five subsidiaries for the cot of the products by making the material a little thin, the wire a little shorter or thinner wire and a little less process. So the quality of the product weakened little by little. High-end products are like highbrow arts and very rare doing a thankless task plus that the firm itself has no enough capacity so in the low-end market they are pretty comfortable.

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5.Manufacturers management level of is not very high.

Domestic lighting plant mostly for small businesses, of which there are many private enterprises. Although few passed the ISO9000 international certification, etc. But the style of a large number of workshops is Manual mill production and family-style management and is still lack of building a modern enterprise system.

6.The impact of foreign advanced products

With foreign advanced RGBW LED Moving Head Beam light walking into the market, it brings new technologies, new ideas and also the impact of the domestic market. At present, high-end products can be said that the dominance of all products around the world. The last two years, many large theaters have built, as long as economic conditions permit, all imported fixtures as long as economic conditions permit, all imported fixtures from abroad. Some domestic manufacturers unable to compete with foreign brands, only have to give up the development of high-end products, which bring some negative impact on the development of domestic lighting.

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