What are the characteristics of stage lighting application during Christmas and New Year?

In the West, there is a traditional ceremony of Christmas reservations ceremony to lit Christmas tree. This ceremony originated in Scandinavia, which generally begins at the last month before the New Year. The lightening Christmas tree means the beginning of Christmas. People usually invite their friends and family, and they were sitting next to the stove, side talk, while enjoying food and praying for the coming year life and career.

In Christmas and New Year, people will hold cultural activities and create a festive atmosphere which will apply some of the DJ Disco Party Stage Lighting fixtures for decoration.

60w white led beam moving head light

First, the application of a large number of decorative lights, like LED string lights, led Beam Moving Head Light , parapets, Outdoor led par can , Wall lights, tree lights, etc. are widely used as decorative lighting in shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, buildings, bars and other places and also used to heighten the atmosphere in stage performances, dance, party scene.


The second point: the worldwide applications of light source. The brightness of light source with different colors varies, which plays the best decoration role.

hotsale 19-12w osram 4in1 led moving head

The third point: temporarity of use of stage lighting. In China, Christmas and New Year atmosphere only last about one week. Some lights may be removed after that time. If the users are not professional theater company or organization, they will probably choose to rental. Most of them are students and young people. They are not very professional and have the simple requirements of easy operation and good price.

The forth point: Large-scale application of performance lightings. It is mainly in hotels, guesthouses, Plaza Mayor, and other places, most of which are professional animation laser show. Organizers can customize personalized patterns and text, together with moving lights, scanning lights, long wash lights, par lights and music to express the theme of the party. If also with smoke effects and fountains, it will have better effect.

laser show euqipment

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