We are Laser industry leader from 2W to 15W animation laser light

Animation laser lights are fully functional, support text and animation playback, you can change the pattern, the effect of good play, very clear characteristics such as stage performances and entertainment essential active atmosphere of laser equipment.

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BOMGOO Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional R & D, production and assembly of a science and technology enterprises. Experts in a number of domestic companies from advanced scientific research by laser and computer software, hardware composition. The company’s core philosophy: do Chinese laser industry leaders. Company produces full-color animation laser, using high-speed galvanometer scanning technology, design a broken pen, strobe, rotating, rolling, move, stretch, zoom, gradually painting, speed, color and other effects, a pattern size adjustment function, Built-in 128 beam and animation design, animation performances do beam, laser advertising, laser projection.

Excellent color mixing effect LED Moving Head Light

BG-RGB-300 Product Specifications

Scanning System: High-speed galvanometer, big angle scanning

Laser: 50mW green laser (532nm) +50 mW blue laser +200 mW red laser 300 mW total power

Control mode: DMX512, sound control, automatic light, automatic animation, PC control

DMX features: 12-channel control

Computer Interface: Compatible ILDA laser show software control standard computer. ILDA signal conversion of all-electronic signal conversion

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Security Intelligence: under any circumstances to avoid a single point laser appear on the human body, the environment safer. Since the online mode when no signal under DMX control mode and PC will automatically shut the light, in line with European countries such as the use of laser safety standards

Power supply: 100~250V, 50/60HZ, 60W

Weight: 9.0Kg

Applications:Wedding,disco,ballroom,bars,nightclubs and various large venues etc …

2 thoughts on “We are Laser industry leader from 2W to 15W animation laser light”

  1. Dear Sir

    We need the laser projector for outdoor advertising applications
    we need rgb high power

    1. to screen on the wall of the huge mall
    2. to display in the sky
    3. computer interface for animated laser show

    please send me details with prices and if possible videos


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