Types of Stage Television Digital Lighting

Stage Lights emerge in the early stage, next one is film lights, followed by a late television light. In 1960s,  Stage lighting has tended to be seriation fragmentation automation. The Lighting system adopted the all-round and computer control and used a small amount of the effector combining laser with voice control. Stage Television lights can be divided into three kinds: spotlight, astigmatism lights and effects lights according to their light beam characteristics.

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Spot light: lost part of the role of the projected light fixtures. With adjustable beam angle, more concentrated light, there are spots edges with filter holder. Based on the level of the spot clear edge profile can be divided into the following three kinds. 1) Soft Spotlight: with soft light contours, commonly used Fresnel lens, which is also called the Fresnel lens spotlight. 2) Plano-convex lens spotlight: The outline of the Lightis relatively clear and high intensity which is widespread used on the stage is a fixture. 3) Imaging Spotlight. Using imaging reasons, so that the projected light beam spot light and dark boundaries are obvious placed on the stage, which could be used to track the actor or part of the projected range of illumination.

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Astigmatism lights: a type of fixture with big beam angle, soft spot and no edge, only with a reflector and a filter holder. There are many types, such as grid lights, foot lights, canopy lights, sky lights, quadruple and six astigmatism lights and interior lights. Role lights:  Stage  television lights by applications of combination of lighting, mechanical and electrical control gear to project a variety of scenery, climate change and the illusory nature phenomena. They can not only show a variety of motion and activities scenery like rain, snow, fire, clouds, waves, lightning, the sun rises, etc., can also be used as the background with static shadow to show various changes in the landscape and mines.

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