Top international stage equipment to create a super-music festival

China Mobile Zhejiang Company spans fifty million music festival will be staged in shock at Hangzhou Huang long Sports Center Stadium. Zhejiang region ever called this dazzling musical feast, is China Mobile Zhejiang has once again spending huge sums to build an unprecedented, unprecedented grand performances, to celebrate the number of mobile subscribers exceeded 50 million in Zhejiang, and thanksgiving feedback to our customers.

stage equipment

All tickets for this concert are not foreign sales, but send to all mobile users who recharged.

September 28 afternoon, China Mobile Zhejiang Company held a media conference, this called the Zhejiang region’s biggest musical feast has finally opened a mysterious veil.

The music festival has the most luxurious star lineup, the longest length performances, the top of the big stage, these make this music festival became the most worthy of a top-level performance not to be missed in 2013.

The configuration can be described as the stage reached domestic leading level. In the performance will install 500 units BG-LED-3000, BG-BEAM-230, BG-SPOT-350 moving head lights climax which were installed on site in 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, 2011 Shanghai Expo opening ceremony, and 1200 units LED Par light, the laser beam lights, high-altitude signal searchlight, city of light and air imaging dyed light lamps and the country’s top track lights and other equipment, to create colorful performance results. The concert sound equipment will adopt international top brands, and ranked first in the world to perform stereo L-ACUSTICS VODSC system, and formed around the stadium line array series, so that every viewer can clearly enjoy the best sound of music. Video transmission switching equipment will be used in the world’s top BARCO system, the use of timely completion of the image transmission device functions, automatic combination of switching elements, such as the maximum dynamic live video effects embodied.

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