Three-point lighting method

Three-point lighting method, also known as Sanko lighting or triangle lighting, is the most commonly used traditional lighting methods, which consists of main light, auxiliary light and backlight. Three kinds of light were placed in a basic position respectively according to their duties jointly create a three-dimensional illusion of space. Established by the main light in the shape of the subject, the auxiliary light assisting to increase the level of softness and weakening the main light shadows caused by backlight and also separating the subject from the background.

Backlit, also known as contour light, is similar to the natural Osram Led Beam Moving Head Light in the backlight. It is projected from the back over the direction of the subject, along the edge of an object or person’s head and shoulders and sketched out a bright light side, which helps to separate from the subject and the background and establish hierarchical relationships and stereo clarity of the screen, adding vitality to the screen, even more vivid.

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Because the modeling effect of backlit is very outstanding, should try best to use it if there is possible. Backlit often use spot light, directly behind the subject or slightly higher. But its light can not be captured by the camera otherwise it will cause interference lens flare, or even cause damage to the camera tube. Sometimes people use the reflected light as a backlight, that Stage Led Beam Moving Head Light is projected onto a wall or ceiling behind the camera person, and then reflected to the back of the subject’s form softer backlighting. In order to effectively display the three-dimensional shape of the screen, the intensity of the backlight should normally controlled be least equal to the main control on the light intensity level even larger.

The ratio of main light, auxiliary light and backlight light usually is 1: 0.5: 1.5 ~ 2. As a reference to the main light, the intensity of the auxiliary light is 1/2 times, backlight is 1.5 to 2 times. If the main light is too dark or auxiliary light is too bright, the display effects will be weaken. However, if the backlight is too weak and the body can not be separated from the background, the display will be lack of stereoscopic and a sense of depth. However, in actual operation, there is not an absolute constant mode. Scene should be based on the light effects of actual situation. In accordance with lighting purpose and lighting ratio change requires, these three lighting types should be equal.

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Triangular placement of main light, auxiliary light and backlight in photography has always been considered a standard lighting mode. But it usually applies only to single shot. If you use multiple machines to shoot big scenes and need change angles, the position of the Osram RGBW Matrix Beam Moving Head fixture should be made corresponding adjustments and changes at any time. Filmmaking approach emphasizes precise lighting effects and requires strict accordance with the specifications for each lens cloth light one by one, spending a lot of time. On television, most are on-site production, which require good time effect. Using three standard lighting methods too strictly is sometimes difficult to achieve this effect. Hence you need to fully utilize the original lighting with multi-purpose, for example, when shooting characters at different angles, you can use the main light with crossed or intersected triangle method (see Figure 5-7), or the three-point/ general method to adapt to the dynamic performance of a wide range of television and lighting scene requirements.

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