Three categories of regular stage lights

Regular stage lights can be divided into three categories: floodlights, spotlights and effect lights.

1. Floodlights (astigmatism lights or plain light)

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Floodlight structure generally do not set the lens (except projecting Floodlight), which use direct light from the light source and reflected light from reflection board to make isotropic structure. But for floodlights used as distant lighting, which will direct light from the lens concentrating light source which emits light. It is the spot lights and floodlights. In addition, there is a wider range of LED par cans led waterproof  and individual lamps which are designed for creating more effective soft lights or for adjusting the angle of the lighting. With characteristics of wider lighting range and soft and uniform light, other colors of lights are available with filters. Stage lighting is generally designed as a row of floodlights lights for large area lighting. Local stage effect lighting angle can be adjustable angle by individual lamps. Floodlights in the range of stage lighting can not have a significant edge marks and spots.

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Second, the spotlight

The structure of the spotlight is able to make light beam emitted from the light source
use mirrors to focus on the front and cast light through the lens to the stage of the local range freely, which can adjust the light flux and the projection angle. The adjustment methods are two types: mobile sources and mobile lens. Due to the adjustment, it causes illumination change on the shinning surface. Spotlight is a basic stage lighting fixture, its optical system is composed of a concave mirror (reflector) and the converging lens. Its feature is: has bright spot in the middle, sharp edges, its scope is narrower than the floodlights cast light and casting light within the range of light intensity can be adjusted. The adjustment can be divided into two kinds: light source mobile and lens mobile. By changing the illumination surface, it can obtain partial illumination results. Spotlight is generally used for surface light, ears, side column of light, top light, chasing light and other lighting, which is widely used currently. There are two methods to adjust the projection angle and its spot size.

One is that moving the lamp base (generally reflective bowl and jack together) back and forth, so that you can make the bulb on the best position. Another one is that without moving bulb, just the front lens. The former method is more generally used, i.e. by adjusting the position of the light source to control the range of projection angles. The specific operation method is to adjust focusing lever of the rear lamp shell or screw rotating crank shaft or struck position directly at the bottom of the lamp cap shell. At this point during the operation you should pay attention to the area of the largest side of the filament to make it completely parallel to the lens and adjust the center position of the filament of the lens on the optical axis. According to the edge shape of the formed cast light, spotlight can be roughly divided into three kinds: soft spotlight, plano-convex lens spotlight and  led par can IP65 night club party light.

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Third, the effect of lighting

The effect of lighting displays performance of rain, snow, clouds, waves, flames and other phenomena, which can also be called dance, theater background lighting effect . It is a kind means which is very important to the modern stage lighting. The effect of lighting is very different from general Waterproof Powerful Outdoor Led Par Cans as its large volume, high brightness and it can be projected, which is a stage-specific projection equipment. The principle is the same as a normal projector.

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