Those high-end lighting effects on Opening Ceremony

In recent years, as the standard of domestic lighting design soaring, stage lighting on every Games opening ceremony also seemed more elegant and deluxe and has already become another beautiful scenery in sports meeting. Far to the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, close to the upcoming Youth Olympic Games. Creative lighting and effects are enough to make the audience of the opening ceremony of instantly stunned.

The Youth Olympic Games: the whole scene creates a projection of Colorful and full of fantasy space.

The general lighting designer of the Youth Olympic opening and closing ceremonies, Sha Xiaolan revealed that, on the occasion the entire Olympic stadium will be a huge projection screen incarnation and with the video creating virtual images that will bring even more stunning visual experience. There will be a new bright spot within three minutes, fleeting. If that colorful led scroll on the Beijing Olympics is very impressive, this stadium of the Youth Olympic opening ceremony will transform into a huge projection screen.

flight case (7)

The scroll of the Olympics accounts for only a third of the whole scene, but this is a full field, especially the ground images in coordination with the virtual images, so the effect is even more shocking. Youth Olympic opening ceremony will be the first one to use the super-size television virtual technology and use a large area of  high-tech led Beam Moving Head Light, which let the center of the Olympic become “Colorful fantasy space”. TV virtualization technology is a timely follow-up of visual effects, so that the square of performance space extends over the stadium until the OTC. The audience will be surrounded by colorful and constantly changing picture to watch the performances, reaching the effect of even every pore burning.

According to Sha Xiaolan reports, into there are 112 projectors putting into the ground projection, which is the largest scale in the world. “Brain supplement”– the opening ceremony divided into three chapters – “Dream Catcher”, “by Dream” and “True Dream”. Young Explorers make the scene become a vast star universe in a second. The huge celestial body makes the audience have firsthand experience. the environment is rapidly changing, and in each chapter there will have some different virtual images which are still in secrecy to interact with the audience.

full color outdoor RGB led display video panel

Here are the highlights- completely different from the way of sitting in the theater in the past and viewing. Please watch the Ground. Ground images will work with performers closely. Coupled with the broadcast join virtual image, one moment it becomes star universe and then variable space capsule. Spectators can overlook the falls of the Yellow River, different movies, various changing and all kinds of whimsy. Also the audience are blessed while watching live television at home, although it is more intuitive to see on the site, actually some virtual scene only could be seen in front of the TV. On the Opening day, hundreds of millions of TV viewers can enjoy the magical space creating by virtual technology.

Beijing Olympics: 44000 LED lighting devices to withstand nearly 30,000 people.

During the opening ceremony, the unpredictable stage has left a deep impression on people. For this stage, the organizers thought of everything. The floor of nearly 20,000 square meters needed to open and lift according to performances’ requirements. It should carry 44,000 RGBW LED Moving Head devices, on which there are nearly 20,000 cast and crew and more than 10,000 athletes. Once there is something wrong with an LED screen, the opening ceremony will not work. For this “floor”, they organized experienced companies and technical personnel at home and abroad for numerous tests. Subsequently, the technical staff put the floor of these special materials soaked in water, then expose in the sun for testing their toughness and stability. During the installation process, the difficulty is also unimaginable. The lines of 44000 LED devices are too many to give an accurate figure even for the production director. Engineering personnel adopt a mezzanine way. They lay trough between two plates, and then buckle together these plates with the ball. After numerous tests to ensure strength under conditions of several months of wind and sun, this “stage” still like new.

Black and White 5R Beam Moving Head Light

Costumes and props production also exist great difficulty. In the opening ceremony, Fou array performances are really amazing. In addition to the wonderful creativity and actors’ uniform performance, outstanding performance props also contributed a lot. In the production process, in order to show the director’s intent, design production staff inlaid a lot of Fou LED Beam Moving Head Light points for each side. These luminous points adopt a trigger design. They must be welded as a whole and withstand repeated blows from actors. It takes 3,4 months for just this props with more than 20 design samples. Light-emitting device on actor’s body is a visible battery-powered. Once the battery falls down from the actor, the entire program will be screwed up on the whole.

The opening ceremony created a fantasy-like feel by Organizing 120 top advanced lighting in the world and more than 3000 computer lights. It is the largest in Olympic history. Generally there are only 2000 lights in other country’s Olympic Games. Large LED ground, mobile stage, lifting device under ground, aerial coercion devices, as well as the big screen based on the special structure of the nest, bowl-shape projection equipment, flare tower, all these places are equipped with a lot of lighting, sound, etc. The amount of lights broke the record. Lamps are designed according to the nest of steel. It is completely transparent to the upper mode and translucent to the lower model. To demonstrate this great building, the top of the nest must be all lit. By aerial photography, television viewers can see the nest clearly. They divided the light into white and light blue color, giving the feeling of gem or Crystal Palace, playing a brilliant golden yellow and showing a modern architectural style, which is very enjoyable.

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