The working principle and function of Beam Lamp

Beam lamp mainly relies on its unique light source to fame. Its unique design of small caliber cup bubble and precise positioning principle of Focal length make the light utilization efficiency very high. Its high lumen volume also led to its high calorific value, which also led to high fried bubble rate of the early 200W beam lamp. Therefore, the radiating heat effect of this beam light is different from the traditional Moving Head Light Fixture  as its wick is relatively small, and there is no peripheral isolation layer. So, if you like the radiating heat effect like traditional lamps, then, the greater radiating heat effect better mode which is not feasible. This will cause the lamp arc ionization constant ionize which affects lamp life. If the heat is not enough, then the light bulb will soon blow, therefore, this beam lamp requires a constant temperature system.

stage lighting, DMX controller light beam light led lamp professional DJ equipment

Currently there are two kinds of cooling solutions. One is the traditional type heat, which relies on fine fans radiating in conjunction with temperature control switch. Another more high-end software temperature to control the temperature control cooling, namely relies on software to control the fan thermostat. If the fan slow down or fails, it will automatically turn off the lamp for protection not to blow the bubble. The latter two modes as well, even if the former does not explode the bubble but there is a greater impact on the bulb life.

Warm white LED moving head lights

The function of  Osram Led Moving Head is to present a variety of patterns on the walls or ceilings for to create dynamic effect on stage. You can use a computer programmed to set various shaking ways. With different shaking ways, it can heighten cheerful, romantic or other different atmosphere. Note first point: hang up these lights.

Secondly, it is best to combine washing light. The so-called Waterproof Powerful Outdoor Led Par Cans washing light is a kind of light that can present different colors, rendering the overall color. We recommend use a single color. Too many and too complex colors will not only can’t create a colorful effect, but will look very messy. If you want some colorful effects, a few other colors can be integrated in a small local area. And they are preferably colors relatively close to the defined color, such as red and purple.

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