The using details for LED moving head scanning light

Stage lighting is also called “Stage Illumination”, also referred to as “light which is one of the art modeling tools. The application of stage lighting equipment, ED Moving Head Beam  scanning light (such as lighting, magic lantern, control systems, etc.) and other technical means under the development of the plot can display the environment, render the atmosphere, highlight the central character and create sense of stage space, sense of time on the stage. Also it can shape stage performances external images, and provide the necessary lighting effects. (like wind, rain, clouds, water, lighting) and so on.

First, the way of stage lighting change
1, The light changing opportunity in plot
2、The light changing opportunity in actors’ lines
3、The light changing opportunity in action
4、The light changing opportunity in music or sound effects
5、The light changing opportunity in time

Light Projector

Second, the stage lighting classification

1、Ceiling light: The light from the audience’ top shines toward the front of the stage, the main role is to shine the characters directly and dye the entire stage.

2、Ear light: Located on two sides of the stage entry and cast the light on stage obliquely. It is divided into several layers, the main supporting surface light, enhance facial lighting, and increase the figure, three-dimensional scene.

3、Column light, also called sidelight: Light projected from the inner sides of the stage and mainly used for character or scene lighting, adding three-dimensional contour sense.

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4、Top lighting: the light projected toward the stage above the stage and divide into a row of top light, two rows of top light, three rows of top light from front to the back….and so on which is mainly used for general stage lighting, enhanced illumination stage, and there are a lot of scenery, props fixed exposure, mainly by top light to resolve.

5、Backlighting: Light projected from the stage in the reverse direction: Such as the top light, Single Green laser light show , etc. Reverse irradiation, which can sketch out the characters, the landscape contours, and enhance a sense of three-dimensional and transparent, but also as a specific source.

6、Bridge of light: Lights in both sides of the bridge mainly for supporting pillar of Led Laser UFO Lighting , enhancing three-dimension, but also for other optical projection orientation, which could be a specific source.

7、Footlight: The projected light mainly supports surface light illumination and eliminates the shadows of face and jaw due to surface light and other high.

8、Rows of light: Lights from the sky above and below mainly for canopy lighting and color changes.

9、The flow of light: Located on both sides of the flow of shelves, which supports bridge of Outdoor LED PAR CAN and complement sides of the stage light or other specific light.

10、Follow Spot: Lights Auditorium or other location required, which primarily used to track or highlight a particular performers, as well as the host. It is close pen stagecraft and plays an essential role in stage lighting.

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