The status of Computer lighting Enterprise and product

As an kind of automated lamp, moving light was first used in large-scale concerts and other entertainment venues, which has experienced two forms: spectacular reflection scanning computer lights and Light body movement moving heads. After 30 years of development, the computer lights has achieved a huge development and progress in both on variety and function as well as the performance of the  Light Fixture  . It has now become the Mainstream lamp type among performing lights. Computer Light is an application of advanced technology to develop automated luminaire, with high technological content. Compared with conventional lamps, the lamps feature has been greatly improved, which mainly reflected in its projection direction of the lamp can be quickly varied within a wide range of space, Rich color variations, patterns, prisms, strobe and other effects which brought vigor and vitality to stage performances.

stage scene

Computer Light is a fixture with both functions of lighting and effects. Color is one of the important functions of the fixtures. Fixtures are usually equipped with two sets of color conversion device. One set has color wheel with different color filters. This rotating color wheel can change the color of the
LED  Beam light The other device is a CMY (cyan, magenta and yellow) color continuous means, composed of three kinds of color (CMY) filters, usually each color filter with two levels of relative translation or rotation of the disc comb filter color. There are other effects, like patterns, prisms, fog, strobes and so on.

stage light 2R beam moving head light2

Fixtures are first used in the entertainment industry, then gradually developed into stage performances and became an automated lamps in performing arts. Another type of automated  Light Fixture  is evolved from a routine stage. Such lamps are applied in theatrical aspects, but with slow development, simple variety and small market.

stage light 2R beam moving head light

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