The stage performance lighting problem in TV recording need to be paid attention to

1、Maintaining the basic premise of illumination, as a uniform distribution of light, Remove strong contrast to make the picture softer unity, Try to ensure that the site under the premise of stage effects, take care of TV recording;

2、Identify specific ambient light, such as hosted zone lighting, props, light, dance beautiful piece of light and so on to make it highlight.

3、Sidelight, backlight play the role of contrasting and the color should not be deep, backlit illumination must be more than the main stage light;

132W 2R beam moving head dj stage moving light

4、Pay attention to the cooperation of stage costume makeup the choreography, costumes, makeup, big screen, color screen and other elements. Actor’s makeup should be light rather than too strong. Under normal circumstances, the surface should not use light shade, choreography, props, large screen, high brightness color screen content with caution, highly reflective and black material; Experience has shown that, during the TV recording, with the surface of the LED Par Light color temperature control within the 4000k-4500k, with 18 degrees of gray on a white balance, recording a TV screen will be more transparent and the skin of characters are more beautiful.

Professional audio arena Commissioning notes

Sound engineering commissioning need a serious and responsible attitude, only getting the guarantee for the design, construction, system configuration, and device performance, good debugging results will be fully recognized. Because debugging problems occur frequently, here we introduce several technical aspects should be noted for your reference.

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1.Before debugging must carefully understand the performance of the system construction and equipment. Because only a comprehensive grasp of the system and equipment, we can develop a workable program debugging based on the actual situation and estimate the un-happening situation. Otherwise, as unfamiliar with systems and equipments, with blindly commission, the results will certainly not ideal. Especially for those new, special led par can equipment we rarely used in general engineering, before installation we must seriously study its principles, performance and operating methods.

2.Before commissioning must conduct a comprehensive inspection to the whole system and equipment. Because the installation and stand-alone inspection process and system debugging focus after different set of the equipment is often arbitrary. Before commissioning it may have some important and practical set buttons which are completely different from actual requirements. So thorough examination is necessary, it is best to set the conditions make records for each device.

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