The similarities and differences and the using occasion of Moving Head scanning light

Structural features and the similarities and differences of Moving Head Light Fixture

Now popular fixtures according to the structure are basically divided into two forms of points, one is scanning len fixtures, another type is moving head computer lights. Lens scanning computer lights, depends on the lamp on the front of the lamp body swinging a reflective lens to project the light beam. Lens are driven by pitch and azimuth two motors, completing the motion of the vertical and horizontal swing. Its biggest advantage is: the lens is very light, very convenient to control, and can produce very rapid motion of the beam. The disadvantages are: Affected by mirror axis, small beam movement range.

15w led mini moving head light

Therefore, it is more suitable for hanging use. Computers moving head Lights, is originally conceived in the origin form of original thought. Its advantage is that the rotation drive beam lamp body movement, a large range of rotation and 360 ° rotation can be achieved. This physical effect can produce full flavor visual experience on the stage. The disadvantage is that the drive motor power is very high, causing the lamp body heavier. But with advances in science and technology, this disadvantage has been gradually overcome and makes the kinds of lamps achieve rapid development in recent years, becoming today’s mainstream in television arena. Its volume has been able to do very small and convenient to be used.

beam spot wash 3 in 1 moving head lighting beam stage light

This fixture is getting full functionality. From simple color effects the initial technical can only do, they have been developed to scan computer lights with scanners, which can produce very rich artistic effects. Suspension and placement are suitable. Scanning light beam has small range, so it is more suitable for hanging far away from the ground. The limitations of the scope can be resolved. Those places, like big size theater or large concert stage, usually have a professional steel bridge with light rod for lifting and scanning lights.

Now Beam Moving Head light technology has been improved by leaps and bounds, With small size, light weight and more functions, they are more convenient to use, display, hang in many places, such as KTV, disco, Slow Shake Bar, fan club, outdoor performances, etc.

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