The second session of the China Forest laser dance concert with memorable surprises

In the “red Imagination, green melody” The Second China (Yichun) forest concert scene, a laser show, dance performances brought the audience to Forest City more memorable surprises. In Castle surrounded, accompanied by dynamic music rhythm, like a shadow sector magician dancers, laser seems to be endowed with spiritual life, sometimes with light shadow moving, sometimes people dance blend eye-opener for the audience to let Forest City, ecstatic.

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Belongs to a novel laser dance is a combination of human and laser dance, but also into the high-tech dance. It combines a laser show shock and magic fun, high-sensitivity laser targeted and green to the human eye, with brilliant dance, stage lighting and atmosphere rendering, very shocking to the audience visual effects.

LED Moving head spot light, l

In performances, dancers dressed in silver costumes, with both hands on the stage with flashing laser light from time to time to make a catch, lighting, refraction, light, etc. have a novelty turn action. Blinding laser columns penetrate the darkness of night, the sky bright stars with each other, I saw with laser light scattering with diffuse into the air with his hands cast shadow dance, like the time in the hand grip and more comfort-able as part of the body to control people light one, while the laser light with the action in its wake projected animations and graphics, on the black sky reflects the psychedelic dream, that the flashing light, dreamy style, brilliant color pattern, powerful sound, to the audience brings a powerful impact. Show caused a huge sensation, the court from time to time a round of applause, the audience whistles, shouts another. The perfect combination of laser and dance pop art, so this event is full of expectations on the forest city people deeply worthwhile, until walking out of the live performances, we still are talking about the shock of this high-tech dance.

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