The Montage of stage lighting

Theater as a place of theatrical performance after each audience entering the theater and his viewpoint was fixed. Until the end of the show, his viewpoint will not change. If the human eyes are seen as a movie camera, then in the theater performance, the audience’s sight always cover the “Panorama”. For the audience, there is no scenic change on the stage, so there is going to be different views on the theatrical stage shows only rely on the lights.

Using lighting control the size of play region, panoramic, medium shot, close-up close-even effect can be expressed. Lighting constrains the audience’s sight, and this effect is the same as the camera viewfinder. Thus, the role of LED King par wedding lighting  in the stage drama in the role of different views can be equal to any other shots in the film.

wide beam 15w rb laser

Since the lighting of the stage as if the lens is to the movie, so the lights can also be carried out the same clip as the lens to produce a montage effect.

When an object is illuminated by led par can stage light, it is bound to have a variety of light and shade structures. Between them, it must also have a certain logical relationship, psychologically or physically. Lighting montage is this mental logic. Because in any script, the actors are the center of performance and other means are intended to show the characters’ inner feel. However, the character’s inner is complex, which is difficult to be expressed in more direct way. The purpose of lighting is to express characters’ inner feelings by “voice-over” form.

waterproof par-2

This can be done by lighting’s angle, form and color changes, using led par can stage lighting language to analyze mental space. Also, in this space, in addition the normal three dimensions, there is the fourth dimension— “time”, which is what we usually call “memory”, so, by lighting transformation, we can also rebuild time get to express the theme. Then the lights montage can be summarized as explained space and organizational memory, starting from the psychological logic to show script themes.

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