The difference between the stage lighting and disco lights

People generally do not pay attention to the difference between the normal and the ballroom stage lighting. In fact, there are differences between them, but not so hard and fast rules. Especially with the TV studio to launch entertainment, its boundaries are no longer so obvious. When it comes to the difference between the two, the following are the main aspects:

First, the using occasion

Generally in the theater, performing arts center, due to the performances, conferences etc. At this time we are configuring a large number of stage lighting, and to slowly shake bar, dance halls and other entertainment-based, you should configure the main ballroom lighting.

Second, the distribution of light

In a performing arts, theater-based meetings, often considered surface light, ear light, side light, top light, sky LED Par Light and so on in order to meet the needs of Stage Theater, etc.
In the ballroom and other occasions, we give more consideration to the light color, pattern, transform which will be more casual.

Three types of lamps

RGB LED Matrix light stage lighting

Stage lighting generally adopts some conventional lamps, For example: back light, spotlight, soft lights, astigmatism lights, etc. However, The dance hall lighting is based on the general lighting: magic ball, logo lights, lanterns and other conventional lamps. In recent years, high-end places lighting is based on a computer-based, such as scanning lights, moving lights, laser lights.

Fourth, the type of light source
Stage lighting light source, is generally reflective bubble, quartz bubble, bubble bars, tricolor tube. The ballroom lighting is generally halogen lamps and gas discharge lamp.

Fifth, the control mode
Generally switching, dimming, color, is controlled by dimming and control silicon case of stage lighting. More often using ballroom lighting switch board or computer console control, it is mainly for color run the program and change the pattern control.

Of course, with the improvement and development of computer lighting technology, coupled with the diversity of stage performances, computer lamps are widely used, but in the use of the scale, the regulation and disco lighting is not the same.

Dance floor used several different lighting effects

Moving head light,suit for DJ bar Disco led Christmas Stage Light 2

A. Computer lights: A multi-lens scanning is used in computer lights, which is characterized by very stable performance, gaudy and bright colors and impressive performance with moving head fixtures or used alone in the climax of the dance floor and dance floor.

B. UFO central light: It is placed just above the dance floor. Compared with other brands of stage light, the light has thin lamp body, large cross-section, sensitive pickup effect and quiet motor operation. Built-in a variety of programs, with the rhythm of the music program change, the beam also changes. Light covers a very large area, so a light can play a role in more light. With Moonflower, rotating tunnel lights, lanterns and other effect lights, it can be used along with soft songs. And with strobe lights and other computer lights, it can be used along with fast songs. Normally, the light can also be used independently no matter the computer turns on or not.

C. The effect of light (lantern): Barrel rolling lantern and other effect lights of diverse patterns with dozens of light beams pour down, like a cloth spread on the ground, or little stars, or colorful flowers, or other beautiful patterns. With a little smoke, colored beams will rotate or interlaced or paralle with excellent results;

D. Spotlight AR 56: With silver aluminum alloy shell, good texture and a packet of colored paper, this light can dance along with music to produce a different ambience.

high power rgb 15w laser light

In short, the design of the luminaire selection both considered the use of functional requirements but also stability. The lamp has very good optical output with rich changes and stable performance, which is very innovative. The use of moving lights, lanterns and rotating barrel rolling lanterns and other changes in the tunnel is extremely rich. The effect can not be achieved by any other similar lamps. Therefore, they are a very good price-performance entertainment hall of preferred lighting.

Lights like spotlights, can be dimmed. Because of the possibility of the show, it is also equipped with snow machines and other special effects equipment. In addition, it is also equipped with a powerful strobe lights and other equipment to prepare for the show and disco effects. Lighting control equipment also provides some margin for future adjustments of added equipment.

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