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On the occasion of the spring, spring is the beginning of one year, and it gave rise to life, bringing hope, bringing more beauty and warmth. And in this season we have found a new series of very innovative lighting products Do you know what selling point do they have? Then come with me to visit the BOMGOO lighting equipment factory, and listen to their professional presentation.

American Lumen mini led moving head light

On the original base of led par light, in order to solve those problems during the operation and for the convenience of our customers and friends, BOMGOO developed the latest upgrade version of the program through continuous improvement and innovation, and let the Par light better applied to the stage, which made it more and more convenient no matter the first user or who never used once. So, in general what are the differences between our latest upgraded Par lights band those on market?

1. It can automatically detect DMX512 signal, even no address setting it can also be used to control console. After you have arranged the layout in the scene, as long as you connect the par light to the power supply, and when connect it with the signal line, it would be controlled by the Console. Whether your lights are flash frequency or self-propelled system, they can be functionality enter into DMX512 signal status pending your schedule.

stage lighting 200W 5R sharpy beam

2.Led Par can automatically select the master and slave, which means that in a state where there is no 512 signal, and there are dozens, hundreds lamp stringed together. Each slave does not need to go after the state set DOO1A001. After the light are connected within a second, which will find a host of his own to lead all the lights in synchronous operation. You can imagine what would happen if all the lights running on the stage, but suddenly your console fails or the signal transmission is interrupted? If you use this upgraded version of led par light, on this kind situation just within one second all of them will automatically find a host to lead all led par lights syn-chronized operation to ensure lights flash on the stage, and will not mess destruction performances. Once you can repair the fault to immediately , you can resume normal show.

sharpy Beam Moving Head Lighting with CMY 18 DMX Channels,

We have added the wireless remote control function based on the function of led par lamp and with a remote control all the function above can be achieved. As wireless remote Par was just put on the market, it was soon be popular among many wedding companies, hotels, and people who favoring KTV night club. ” The par light on the market are generally eight keys on the remote control, our wireless remote control led Par is 12, which is totally different from them same, so if you like our this product, please go to my HC net shop contact negotiations. ” After listening to Manager Xu introduction, we consider that this product is the Gospel to a lot of wedding companies, hotels, and many people liking KTV night club. The secret is that because Bomboo adheres to product innovation, quality guarantee and perfect after-sales service, which won many network orders. Only the buyer is satisfied , the sales will continue to rise.

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