The Conversation between Stage technology and stagecraft

Digitization of stage machinery, the progress of electric light source, Lighting innovations and Dimming technology development, especially progressive digital network system, give the vitality for the visual artistic expression of the new stage and make the dream of stage lighting artistic expression and performance results for thousands of years become reality so that the audience can feel the  Light and color images constructed by three-dimensional space.

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At the same time, it makes more and more stage design, research, production staff realized that it has been pressing to learn performances equipment industry development status and driving modern digital technology. Like stage designer and director, gaffer is one of those most responsible people for the show. They display critical information in the works to create a form of performance, feeling and impact with concise image or decoration, to enlighten the director and the audience’s visual, auditory and inspiration.Performance art is a comprehensive modeling of spatial and temporal visual art and auditory art by artistic performance through light and shadow, shape, color, music and other elements.

The creation of any category on the stage is the ultimate expression and the full artistic effect of performance because creators want the audience to see, hear and feel what is happening on the stage. In the history of lighting performance for nearly 30 years, the invention of the computer lights has really undergone great changes in our stage performances. Currently, there are two kinds of computer lights: Moving Head Beam light and scanning lamp.

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It created stage effects like flash, pattern and beam changes, so that the method of changing stage color by increasing the number of lamps has became history. The new light fixtures have also follow spot function, which make back lit light possible. Some computer  light   can be naturally cooled, especially in a concert hall or studio. Recently, some scanners also have imaging capabilities. It produces an image in the computer software, or selects materials in stock, after the synthesis output by the video projector. All patterns, images, photographs, animations and other information can be self-generated or converted from other formats, eliminating the troubles of flushing time, cost and Mapping shooting for a conventional film projection device.

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