The composition of Stage Digital Television lighting

During the Stage performance and film shooting, in order to reach some kind of lighting effect, we have to use one type of lamps. It helps to show the contents of the program, Showing the author’s creative intent and bringing out the artistic atmosphere, also making the audience and the photography (image) lost the right color and exposure. Most of these lamps which are different from other lamps, have the function of altering beam dispersion angle and soft  light  level and color, and equipped with a focus, aperture, color frame and other special institutions ….

RGBAW 5in1+10W Luminus White LED,Disco Light

Stage Television lights include the light source, optical parts, mechanical parts and electrical components. ① light source: there are incandescent, halogen and metal halide lamps, and other types. Their luminous body shapes are like dot strip or rectangular geometry shape. ② Optical components. Based on the use requirement of luminous body shape and Lighting , imaging, the role and so on, it forms a system of optical Design constituted by the reflector, a field lens (condenser lens), an objective lens, and so on.

Spider 8 eyes LED stage light moving head white

③Mechanical components. It has function of envelope, block light, cooling and insulation. Fluctuations can guarantee reliable optical fragmented and develop a variety of functions, including light beam angle narrowing and closing small, ordinary lens or zoom lens focusing, the role of the motor mechanical drive and so on. ④ Electrical components. Including the power supply, lighting accessories, dimmers and drive motor controlled continuously variable electrical lines, and so on. Stage light can indirectly help the audience on stage to see all situations or local situation, so that the stage looks realistic, which can better demonstrate the art of creative intent of the standard of play and work, with large-scale changes in light and shade and large lighting area. Television lights are used in the studio or in the field situation. “Audience” is to move the camera or camcorder with strength for disposal, vision and more. In addition to artistic lighting effects lighting, lights can also make the correct exposure camera tube or film role , particularly for good color reproduction.

Stage Light 15DMX CH

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