The brightness of LED blue light is equivalent to ten times of incandescent lamps

On the contrary, red, green and blue led lights are emitted by the three tubes. White light is mixed by the three primary colors. When we need a light, it can reduce unwanted spectrum and issue the necessary spectrum. As a result, the lamp luminous efficiency is greatly improved. Especially blue light, the brightness of LED wash mini moving head light is equivalent to ten times of the power of incandescent lamps plus brightness of blue color paper. In actual use, LED lamp sometimes seems to be too bright. To reduce the saturation, some LED lamps add white LED Moving Head Wash light beads to produce elegant light.

Because LED luminous efficiency is greater than that of incandescent light, LED lighting for stage performances required to produce colored light, can give full play to the strengths of LED.

moving head lighting beam 230W sharpy 2

Long life

LED life is up to tens of thousands of hours, while life of incandescent light is only a few hundred. Although the heat problem shortened the life of the LED, but the general power LED tube structure has been greatly improved, not only equipped with the thermal conductivity of the substrate itself, but also come with an aluminum metal core printed circuit board (MCPCB) as a heat sink substrate to facilitate the export of heat generated inside the chip.

Aside from the cooling area of cooling board or with cooling fins, LED tube lights from the outside to the whole body thermal channel is also designed to be very scientific. If the internal operating temperature of the LED chip controlled within 100 ℃ (LED limit temperature is about 150 ℃), LED’s life can reach tens of thousands of hours.
energy saving 30w high quality led stage lighting

Easy to use

The LED’s working voltage is 3V ~ 5V DC, If you want to change the alternating current of LED stage lighting into dimmable low-voltage DC power supply, you just need one lighting Console producing DMX signal rather than need general stage lighting lamps which must add dimmers. DMX512 signal is sent through the console, controlling the brightness of red, green and blue CREE LED Beam Moving Head Light  and adjusting variety of colors, like red, orange, yellow, green blue and purple and brightness of the light beam. A plurality of different colored lights can replace conventional stage lighting, eliminating color changers. Moreover, there is no general incandescent lamp body and filament fragile glass bulb, handling and routine maintenance, etc. which is much simpler, especially suitable for disassembling machine performance.

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