Teach you how to choose the stage laser lights

In stage lighting besides professional-grade moving head lights and new LED stage light, there is stage laser show light which is never out of date. Stage laser light is can a kind of laser product which produces various laser beams, various laser patterns and laser writing automatically with the paying of music rhythm. It is a kind of a new product applied in stage, dance halls, bars, KTV, theater, television, concerts, family party, commonly used to increase the atmosphere.

RGBW 4-in-1 LED flower beam moving head light

When buying a laser light, we should note the following:

1、When purchase the laser light, we should pay attention to the power voltage and spot diameter

The laser light beam has a fatal injury to the human eye, the greater the power, the more dangerous! If a stationary green laser beam with diameter less than 2mm and power greater than 100mW directly project onto the skin, then within a few seconds there is a burning feeling. Green laser beam with power greater than 300mW project directly onto the clothes, within a minute, the clothes may be burn.

rgbw 4in1 Led Mini DMX512 Moving Head

2. Classification of laser light

There are two types of laser lights available currently according to different scanning device. One is a simple beam scanning laser light, which uses a stepper motor at low speed scanning with only a few simple repetitive beam effects. Another is the galvanometer scanning laser light, which usually can be put in text and animation.

rgbw 4-in-1 LED wash light

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