Talking about the atmosphere rendering by stage lighting design

First, creating a typical environment

Stage lighting through a variety of artistic means and techniques, you can create a different typical environments.

For example, Longjiang drama “absurd gem” in the “trance big hills” stage lighting on the use of strobes, laser lights and other art techniques to create a hero Jia Baoyu trance dream big hills, wild, weird, strange, mysterious typical environment.

Another example is the musical “Cats”, but also with the changing stage lighting to create a typical cats living environment of the animal world.

Again Peking Opera “Baihu Yin” in the “Spring Poems”, “Summer Song”, “Autumn speech”, “winter Fu” drama in four acts, the stage lights on a green light to create a hero Flirting (Yin), respectively brilliance the typical environment; with red lights to create a typical environment Flirting pass the examination; Flirting with yellow lights to create a painful grief was framed after the typical environment; Flirting with white lights to create the “vast expanse of the earth a really clean” situation under a typical environment is a lifetime.

moving head light for stage

As opera “Dream of Red Mansions” in the “Daiyu burning draft” and “gem married” two dramatic scenes, and people were using dark-colored lights and red lights to create two distinct typical environment, even a classic lighting design to praise it.

Second, the performance of face emotion

Stage lighting by changing the color of the lamp, can be expressed in a different mood and emotion. Under normal circumstances, the performance of cheerful red lights, hi-hing, warm emotion; dark-colored lights symbolize darkness, depression, tension, terror, etc. emotion; blue lighting performance for peace, tran-quility and other emotional feelings; green light is a symbol of youth, I hope other emotional feelings …… and so on, the list goes on.

LED RGB Mini Moving head light

For example drama “Night of Harbin”, the overall style of stage lighting is dim, which showed the Japanese invaders occupied the masses under the Harbin anger, repressed emotion; Another example is the drama “Autumn joy and sorrow,” the stage lights, after crushing “Gang of Four”, uses warm red lights, showing the joy feelings of the masses.

Third, the group receiving dramatic structure

Stage lighting can sometimes be like a movie Art “montage”, as the group played an important role in connection dramatic structure.

For example the use of “light cut”, “dark turn” means, such as lighting, theatrical scene can be subtly pick up in different groups so the speed of the drama can be paced, quick and easy conversed.

One example is the use of different “Chasing Light”, can produce different performance areas on the same stage, play “places on the same stage,” “metachronous on the same stage,” artistic effect.

Another example is the use of lighting changes, the performance of dreams, hallucinations, memories, flashbacks and other dramatic scenes, so stagecraft “cinematic.”

RGBW  Lamp led moving head light  712 channels

Fourth, creating characters

Stage Lighting Like all the elements of stage art, are creating characters for the highest purpose.

For example pink lights hit the person’s face, it becomes filled with energy and spirit extraordinary; rather sallow face lights hit the figures, and it appears morbid weak, decadent appetite; blue-gray light hit the person’s face, and it looks sinister, vicious cunning.

The most common lighting to shape illustration character service is the most commonly used “big spotlight” in people’s faces, theater terminology that the “spotlight appearance” or “Chasing Light freeze”, “chasing light style”, so that the characters face as movie, “close-up” and sculpture in general, play a role in strengthening prominent art.

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