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Beam light, also known as sharpy. There are 300W Beam Light, 700W Beam Light, 200W Beam Light, 230W Beam Light, 260W Beam Light, 330W Beam Light, 1500W Beam Light and other series. 300W and 700W beam light are very popular around 2010, and have a certain sense of light. However, in in the true sense, beam light were truly loved and accepted when 200W beam light started to be popular, and prevailed in August 2012, and everywhere in 2012. Since then through continuous development and updating of beam lamp, 230W, 260W beam lamp, 330W Beam Light, 1500W beam lights came out. But the mainstream was still 200W and 230W beam light.

Beam light operating principles

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Beam lights are famous for its unique light source. Its unique design of small caliber foam cup and precise positioning principle of focal length make its’ light utilization extremely efficient. Its high lumen volume led to its high heating value, which also led to the early 200W with high bulb blow rate. Therefore, the elimination of heat of this kind beam light is different from traditional computer head light as the wick relatively small, and there is no peripheral isolation layer. So, if eliminating the heat as traditional lamps did, namely the bigger the better for the elimination, it is not feasible, this will lead to the continuous arc lamp ionization and affect lamp life. If the heat is not enough, then the light bulb will soon blow up. So, this beam light requires a constant temperature system.

RGBW 19x12W LED Beam Moving Head

Currently there are two kinds of cooling solution by our domestic manufacturers, one is the traditional class heat, relying on a good fan in conjunction with temperature control switch. Another one is Software Controlling Cooling, relatively high-tech heat which rely on software to control the fan to constant temperature. If the fan slows down or breaks down, the software will automatically turn off the lamp for protection, and not blow the bulb. The latter is better, even if the former will not blow the bulb but has a greater impact on the life of the bulb.

Beam Light Bulbs Category

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Beam light bulb mainly focus on Philips, here are four types generally, one is the original bulb namely, Philips MSD Platinum 5R bulbs or commonly used OSRAM Original 230W, one of which is Philips UHP lamp, and another one is Taiwan gifted lights 5R of the largest amount in the market. The last one is a variety of fake Philips bulbs and the bulbs are filtered out as its color temperature of inequality and uneven brightness bulbs.

Platinum 5R original bulb is about 700USD more expensive than UHP. Furthermore, the same kind UHP lamp, but bubble pressure is different, good foam manufacturers will measure pressure the lights and screened them once again to ensure the stability and consistency of the lights

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