Talk about some characteristics and types of Luminaire for stage

In stage performances and film shooting, there is a kind of lamps which is in order to achieve some kind of lighting and lighting effects. It helps to show the contents of the program, reflect the author’s creative intent, express artistic atmosphere, and make the audience, photography machine get the right color perception and exposure. The difference is that compared with other lamps, most of these outdoor led par lightare equipped with the function of changing the angle of beam spreading and the extent of soft light and color features, and also equipped with focusing, aperture, color frame and other special institutions.

LED Moving Head Light With Zoom


Stage lights can help the audience directly see the whole scene or part of the scene on the stage, which makes the scene on the stage looks so realistic and better display playwright’s artistic standards and demonstrate the author’s creative intent and drama works. In addition, there are great changes in light and shade range, illumination area. Luminaire for stage is used in the studio, the studio or field scene, “Audience” is removable and can be treated as a camera or camcorder technology, and there are more the close-range objects. House lighting not only has artistic lighting function, but also have to make the camera tube or film correctly exposure. Especially be good for color reduction, in the light (to shoot interior) require light color temperature of 3200K, the color rendering index of 90 or more, the sunlight (on location) of 5500K and 80 above. Luminaire for stage according to their characteristics of emitting beam light divided into Spotlight, Astigmatism light and Effect Projector three categories.

led wash light (2)


Light fixture with a partial lighting effect, adjustable beam angle, more concentrated light and spot edges with filter holder. According to the sharpness of the edge contour of the light spot, it can be divided into the following three kinds: ① Soft Spotlight. The contour of light is soft because commonly Fresnel lens is used, which also known as the Fresnel lens spotlight. ② plano-convex lens spotlight. With clear outline and large intensity, it is a commonly used lighting on the stage. ③ imaging spotlight. Using imaging principle, RGBW Par Led Outdoor Led Par Can can produce light and dark boundaries and significant spot on the stage, which is used to track performer or projection lighting local scope.

Astigmatism light

MINI RGB Pro stage lighting  Good price

A light fixture with big beam angle and soft spot evenly without edges traces. Only one reflector with a filter holder is used. There are many kinds of lights, such as Outdoor LED PAR CAN, foot light, awning astigmatism lamp, astigmatism lamp, four and six league astigmatism lamp, exterior astigmatism lamp.

Effect lights

It is a film and television light by the combination of lamplight, mechanical drive and electrical control to project a variety of scenery, climate change and illusory nature scene. It can show various static landscape scenery and activities like rain, snow, flames, clouds, waves, lightning and sun rises and can also use dynamic shadow to show various changes in performance of landscape and mining.

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