Strong BEAM 10W RGB high power laser stage light for laser show/concert/advertisement

Specification for Full color beam&animation high power rgb projector light

● Power consumption: 500W
● Scanning angle: 50°
● Color: RGB full colors
● scanning angle: plus-minus 30 degree
● warm-up time: less than 15 minutes
● Laser Power: R:650nm 2w*2 G:532nm 4W B:450nm 2w
● Laser Effect: laser beam show,animation show and test show
● Control: High-capacity and speed microprocessor
● System Port: DMX512 input and output port, ILDA DB standard port
● Signal: ILDA standard connector,international standard DMX512
● Control mode: sound activated,auto running,dmx512(20channels),ILDA(PC control)
● Demo Effect: Blanking, rotating, zooming, retroflexion, moving, strobe, etc,used for words,Cartoons, and beam shows and laser advertisements.

Features for 2014 heated saled high power 10w outdoor laser light projector equipment

1. It supports laser show sofeware e.g.pangolin,phoenix and manba,auto-switch between internal program and PC. According to security and good performance, our design is safer to human and environmen, auto-close light when scanner has trouble.
2.It is easy to use and has long lifetime and high stability, also displays brilliant colors with nice Beam show and Graphics show patterns.

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