Stage lighting’s professional development in application

Stage lighting is an important part of the stage performances, which is a kind of art creation aiming at reproducing the visual image to the audience. However, due to the lack of professional using guidance, the situation of improper use still exists on stage interpretation. How to follow the principle of using rigorously has become an important crux of the stage lighting professional development.

Especially in some situations requiring high performance requirements, modeling and rational use of light is directly related to the quality of the program, so sound engineering place an important role in lighting design and selection. It is possible to configure the  Moving Head Professional Stage Light , stained light and gobo light appropriately to achieve the artistic effect of light and color, to perform their duties and guarantee results.

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By depth understanding of the different types of lighting functions, on the basis of penetrating, integration and the actual experience of application requirements, it is reflected in a series of links from source selection, optical system optimization, Mechanical system bar stock control, computer chip curing process, appearance modeling. As far as the LED Moving Head Beam light concerned, the specific use in the project, it divided into 500w, 750W, 1000W and other specifications. They all have the features of light uniformity, large projection area and soft light. They are commonly used for some locations which need a large area of lighting such as: sky screen and floor screen. If just in terms of the product trademark, the general engineering, domestically produced high-quality products should meet the requirements.

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Dimming is the basic requirements of stage lighting because conventional halogen lamps use a heated filament light source which can easily control the dimmer by changing the voltage. But HID light sources can not achieve 0% to 100% full power dimming, usually only use shutter mechanically dimming. To achieve intelligent, humane handling equipment, remote control devices, High-end digital computer lights embedded software systems development Choi Yi’s development, to make it become true, such as the internal master control communication of the Beam Moving Head Light, remote monitoring and the management of lamps, lamps without power parameter settings, multiple protocols compatible, remote control of the lighting address, intelligent fan speed control, light bulb work timing, lamp current intelligent adjustment, intelligent Lighting error detection and so on. The application of intelligent control technology for lighting control provides a comprehensive monitoring and remote control functions, which greatly reduced the workload of the stage lighting application engineering and improve the efficiency of stage lighting installation works. It is a profound transformation for stage lighting, which will create and inspire a new model for industrial applications in a larger and wider range.

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