Stage Lighting Using for adding theater luster

In order to design a certain stage lighting effect to conform to the theme within certain stage space, in the space designed to meet the theme of the stage lighting effects, we need to do the selection and arrangement of stage lighting, you need to do the selection and arrangement of LED Moving Head Beam. Here to tell you some stage lighting knowledge about the selection and arrangement in stage lighting design.

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Selecting light species, the lamp arrangement and the angle of incidence are seemingly purely technical elements of stage lighting but as a “role” of some of the features he message, which conveying very rich message. When designers want to experience the effect of stage space appearance, they must consider lamps, discharge location and projection angle. The selection of lamp species has a direct impact on the quality of the light, such as spot size, beam shape, intensity, color temperature, texture and so on. Different lighting, its quality and functionality vary widely. When the stage space is going to create a form of theatrical scene, the first thing to consider is the selection of Led Beam Moving Head Light.

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Lighting arrangement does not seem so important in the stage frame. But with the development of the concept of drama, theater stage cellar began to diversify, liberalization, such as the T-station, the center-style stage, or even completely free combination of space. This makes the stage lighting fixtures and arrangement of the device become an important part without ignored. As a small theater lighting arrangement is based on the theatre performance concept, and in a dance party bare lighting arrangement on the stage, seems to be a historical lineage.

Projection angle choices can enhance the three-dimensional scene, you can also make the scenery tends flattened; You can highlight the texture of the surface of the object, but also can produce grotesque shadow image. Even with significant CREE LED Beam Moving Head Light projecting direction constituting the direction indicated with shading, which could imply certain moving trend and strengthening the composition of stage lighting space. So making full use of the projection angle of the lighting can well reproduce the theater scene and be helpful to the provision of prompt action situations.

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