Stage lighting Safety first, BOMGOO technology company do a good job in quality control

Generally, stage lighting design not only ensure the gorgeous lighting, but also ensure that the stage lighting design can meet safety standards. BOMGOO company’s stage lighting is mainly used in a large stage, bar, KTV and other entertainment places and so on. There are three main potential safety hazards among stage lighting.

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First, the hanging LED Zoom moving head Light not strong enough, it may fall to hurt people; Second, workers do not pay attention to the safety of construction, resulting in electric shock accident. Third, lighting quality is not very good which cause a short circuit and affect the normal use.

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In terms of safety, BOMGOO technology has always insisted that the quality should be put on the first place. LED LIGHT BEAM WASH MOVING HEAD Products are designed in structural safety. We fully take into account the safety circuit, thermal cooling and other safety precautions, never use inferior materials. In addition, security measures are ensured during the installation. We use large capacity hook and strong rope LED Spot Moving Head. Professional electricians are always in place to eliminate safety hazards. Enterprises should solidly ensure good quality and completed aging test. More publicity and training ensure that construction workers know to take security measures during production.

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