Stage Lighting montage language

As the only means of stage space expression, the light in Stage theater art is playing an increasingly important role. From the original only to meet the need for lighting, and now lights play a initiative role which are gradually actively participate in performances. Meanwhile, generations of stage artists performed a variety of exploration and attempt. Abhisit Asia said: “Light is the most important means of tableaux” which opened the first kind of stage lighting design. Then, the lights have their own expression, have their own language.

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Mentioned language, her initial definition is: to express and exchange ideas tool unique to humans. It is obvious that, the language is to communicate, so what is it the language of light? Is a designer with light to show their creative intent, which is a unique way to pass the subjective feelings and theatrical emotions of the audience.

In many professional lighting design books, you can find a description of lighting language. Lights language can be divided into three categories: direct language, suggestive language and symbolic language. But I think there also exist lighting fourth language – Montage language.

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Montage comes from the French, intended for the constitution and assembly of architecture. Later this concept was borrowed into film-making and become a jargon in movie clip. Montage is not so much a group shot of continuity, rather, is their simultaneity; In the viewer’s consciousness, a shot superimposed on another, which do not match in color, light, size, movement, etc., will produce the kind of feeling of jumping. The basis of dynamic is an internal movement from simple physical motion to complex concepts. Montage uses the relationship between the len to produce general image. For two lenses paragraphs A and B, montage performs like this: put these two original lenses, related or not, be tied, the two original lenses, related or not be tied, then intersperse intense conflict thus producing new meaning, increasing tension plot and connotation.

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