Stage lighting design principles and production process requirements

Stage DJ lighting  system is designed to follow the law of stage art performances and the configurations of special use requirements. Its aim is to reappear the Lighting Process Equipment required in production process of a variety of performing arts. Configured by the system engineering design, it will make Stage lighting system serves accurately and successfully for art show.

One, stage lighting design principles

1. Create a full stage lighting free space to adapt a cloth light requirements;
2. To make the system can continue to run, it need to increase reserves and headroom;
3. The anti-jamming capability and security systems are as an important design specifications;
4. The new high efficient energy saving lighting was introduced luminescent system design.
5. DMX512 digital network technology has been introduced into all aspects of system design.


Second, the  stage lighting system process design requirements

1. This system process design and device configuration capabilities with comprehensive use of the theater, in a short time can be rotated several different lighting operation programs.
2. The system is designed to quickly switch from one program to another within 2 hours.
3. 3. This system allows the use of all configurations of various types of lamps and other supplementary equipment.
4. The system is designed with adequate security and storage capacity. Under the condition of without interrupting the main power supply, the entire system can keep ongoing diagnostic checks to the console.

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5. The devices are fully complied with the technical requirements of the stage background. In empty field, interference noise and ambient noise are no higher than NR25 when the device is turned on; 1M test point is not greater than the effect of lighting noise 30dB.

6. Expansion capability of the system is deliberately set in the beginning of system design, such as silicon-controlled electric power capacity, network capacity. When liquidity or new technologies emerge, the system won’t lack a large area due to design changes or updates, which save money and quickly adapt to changing needs.

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