Stage Lighting Design Overview

In the last century’s greatest achievement is its stage design from a building or a byproduct of the painter became a real art. Aesthetic concepts in the design stage of a century are like a revolving door like endless, endless stream. Brilliant stage design for director is not just some words, but to construct the syntax of small world. Similarly, a good stage design provides the audience is not just some visual stimulation, but perception and experience, evaluation and framework beacon theater world. Use lamplight and projection, instead of paint scenery is the future,” the famous Czech republic stage designer, Swoboda, his prophecy in the early 1950s, is integrated to create stage get to cash in all aspects. The overall performance of ingle Green laser light lighting effects to determine the appropriate type based on the creation of a whole table style. For example, past present and future memories even want the illusion of a dream vision and other sensory impressions abstraction and realism. Then expressed through lighting equipment, and a variety of different genres of classical, romantic, natural, realistic, symbol, three-dimensional, futuristic, composition, performance, surreal and music, sound effects and so on.

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Some basic lighting design

1、Reducing frivolous lighting, highlighted part of the atmosphere and improving the environment in order to highlight the overall visibility of the lighting effects. Have an understanding of shadows and darkness.

2、Lighting technique and methods varied with different types of the light source. Buildings and lighting lamps and lanterns on the use of different materials, can reflect the transmission refraction of light by the glow, which greatly change the properties of light sources emit light.

3、The application of the secondary light source, the reflection and transmission in the irradiated surface of the object to become a light source, and the secondary light source of different materials and different light sources will be different.

4、High-light applications refer to the fact that spotlights make illuminated object reflect, which can be more prominent than the surrounding and have better visual effects.

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5、In any case, lighting shouldn’t be directly projected into human eyes.
Stage lighting is a means of using light to creating effects for stage performance with lighting and control equipment. The main purpose of stage lighting is lighting at the earlier time. Contemporary lighting is mainly used for creating effect based on lighting.

Stage lighting style should be based on the contents of the script, follow the overall concept of director, combined with the actors, in close coordination with the sets, costumes, makeup and sound and use lighting techniques and skills to create a three-dimensional flow and stage atmosphere.

To give full play to the function of stage lighting, master the technical skills, improve the quality of their art and explore elements of stage lighting style is quite important. From a psychological point of view, analyzing deeply light elements can help you truly mastered the language laws of light, improve the success rate of the designer creation and avoid the creation of blindness.

In the long-term lighting design and teaching practice, rectangular element of stage lighting has been explored a lot. Modeling element of stage lighting have 8 categories: light intensity, light color, light quality, light shadow, light position, light motion, light area and light beam. Lighting designers’ mastering these eight elements can make the stage colorful and unique.

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