Stage Lighting Design Overview

In the last century, the greatest achievement in stage design is that it became a real art from byproducts of the building or artist. In a century, aesthetic concepts of stage design are endless, like steady stream. Excellent stage design is not just available to the director of some of the “vocabulary”, but to build a “Small World” and “syntactic”. Similarly, a good stage design to the audience is not just some visual stimulation, but perception, experience and evaluation on the beacon and framework of drama world.

“Lighting and projection, instead of paint scenery is the future.” the famous Czech stage designer John • Svoboda stated this prophecy in the early 1950s, which is comprehensively unfulfilled in all directions. Overall lighting effects determine an appropriate way according to the overall style of creativity, like the past, present and future; association, hallucinations and dreams, memories and hopes, feelings and impressions, abstract and realistic, etc. Then it expressed through LED Spot Moving Head Light and a variety of different genres like classics, romance, nature, reality, symbol, three-dimension, future, composition, performance, surreal music, sound effects and so on.

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Some basics on lighting design

1. Reducing frivolous lighting; emphasizing the part to highlight the overall lighting effect by improving atmosphere and visibility; understanding dark and shadows.

2. Methods and means of the illumination change according to different types of light source. Buildings and different materials used on lighting can reflect, transmit, refraction light, thereby greatly change the nature of light emanating from the light source.

3. Application of the secondary light source, reflection and transmission make surface irradiated becomes light source. Different materials and different light sources are given different secondary light sources.

4. High-light applications refer to the lights, like Beam Moving Head Light, make illuminated objects reflection, being brighter than the surrounding and creating better visual effects.

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5. In any case, the ray of light fixture can be directed into the human eyes. Stage lighting is to light and designed for stage by applying light and a series of stage lighting and control equipment. Early stage lighting is a lighting-based, but contemporary Spot Moving Head DJ Light  is lighting-based but shape-mainly.

Stage lighting design should be based on the contents of the script, follow the director’s overall concept, combined with the actors, and in close coordination with the sets, costumes, makeup and sound, the use of lighting technologies and techniques to create three-dimensional flow and stage atmosphere and picture.

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To give full play to the function of stage lighting, master the technical skills and improve their quality of art, exploring elements of modeling stage lighting is quite important. From a psychological point of view, in-depth analysis of light elements helps truly master the language laws of lights, improve the success rate of creative designers and avoid the creation of blindness.

In the long-term lighting design and teaching practice, people explored rectangular elements of stage lighting. The main elements of modeling light designing are eight categories: lighting intensity, light color, light quality, light shadow, light position, light district, beam and light motion. Lighting creators use these eight elements flexibly to make the stage colorful styles.

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