Stage lighting current market situation and development trend analysis

In the early 1990s, the professional lighting started to develop, Kara OK, KTV, dance halls and other entertainment venues, were found everywhere, which directly led to the first in the industry a quick leap. Compared with professional audio, stage lighting is low-tech, and its industry threshold is also relatively low. The category of stage lighting product is of wide range, relatively low-tech, the manufacturer is widely distributed in the country.

Until 2000, the stage market of China is basically in a state of steady growth, and the market is in a period of adjustment. By the last few years, energy-saving and green lighting was one of the industry’s most concerned market trends, LED lighting and control equipment and so on, which are the world’s most popular technology , and become the competing targets by domestic professional lighting manufacturers. Meanwhile, a group of leading industries walking at the forefront of the trade, were ready to enter the emerging smart home industry.

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Stage Lighting Current Market Situation Analysis

With the improvement of people’s living standards, the demand has become increasingly high no matter the development of the entertainment industry and culture or the construction of large lighting opera house. Shanghai 2010 World Expo and Guangzhou Asian Games 2010, two major international event were held in China, which fueled stage lighting purchases and Chinese professional lighting market has been in a good period of development. In terms of the application, there are many domestic art design which have reached a very high level. As there is adequate funding, large-scale projects are frequent found in domestic stage lighting market which cause the ability of enterprises to undertake the project demanding.

Several large exhibitions in the country, attracted a lot of small and medium enterprises and there were a lot of new equipments. Foreign brands also set his sights on Chinese market, on the one hand, foreign markets is not boom as imagined and a limited number of product demand; On the other hand, China’s market demand is rising rapidly in the period, along with the cultural industry was driven by Government’s policy and capital support, so stage entertainment equipment purchasing continued strong. Thus a large influx of foreign brands into the Chinese market strived to earning profit from China. At the same time, domestic companies began to appear on the inter-national stage based on the experience of outstanding foreign brands and continued to penetrate through the exhibition to the international market.

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Recalling the 2009 domestic market supply and purchase conditions, moving head lights, LED lights and computer fixtures alternately occupy the top three positions.

Stage lighting export transformation and technological bottlenecks

Our products export situation after setback of the financial crisis, also began a new phase of the motivation. Manufacturing costs were up about 20% caused by the increases of price, but in the situation of general increase of 20%, the product sales is difficult to increase by 20%, the cost advantage of Chinese manufacturing is no longer outstanding. As a result a lot of professional lighting converted from exporting developing countries to exporting to Europe, like the United States and other developed countries’. Switching from the high labor-intensive, low-margin products to Intellectual property rights, high-tech, high value-added products, these changes make the production scale of enterprises, process control, quality management, enterprise management level from quantitative to qualitative changes into a virtuous cycle.

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With the gradual progress of stage technology, lighting has become an important part in the art, and superb lighting interpretation technology can bring more awesome visual impact, “Avatar” global hot play reached the extreme showing the people’s pursuit of stage lighting. Stage lighting design absorbs new technology at same time integrated with the arts. However, professional lighting manufacturers mostly developed by doing OEM compared with advances in lighting technology, the pace of development has lagged far behind.

Since the introduction of professional lighting in 1990s, because there is no high-end professional lighting technology, low technical barriers, the products are installed in accordance with the requirements of different customers, so not too much difference exists between the domestic manufacturers. Today it has become the biggest bottleneck faced by professional lighting companies, as there is a large gap existing between the R & D capabilities and innovative awareness and stage lighting high-end technology.

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