Stage laser lights are indispensable in performance to create fantastic visual experience

Laser light is generally divided into industrial laser lights and entertainment laser light, the principle is the use of YAG laser, using krypton lamps and Nd: YAG crystal rods to produce a laser beam through the con-version, formation of visible green light. The use of computer-controlled high-speed galvanometer deflection occurs, thus forming a beautiful text or graphics. There are many famous control software such as: German fire Phoenix Software, America pangolin software.

colorful high power outdoor stage wall spotlight lighting lamp

Because the laser light with bright colors, high brightness, good point, long range, easy to control, etc.,
look more magical fantastic feeling, it is generally used in buildings, parks, plazas, theaters, a variety of performances, mainly laser beam divergence is not able to attract a few kilometers away to people’s eyes, issuing point has become the focus of attention from the laser. If the laser light placed in tall buildings or Peak Scenic Area, beam fired from afar, the air appeared a bunch of bright green, very bright beam can swing up and down within a radius of several kilometers can appreciate its amazing gorgeous face.

DJ Bar Disco Club Christmas LED Stage Lights

If used outdoors, such as laser light emitted by a laser fired water curtain, such as buildings or walls, moving quickly under the control of the laser scanning system, the formation of text, graphics, etc. for viewing. As for indoor viewing, such as laser lights installed in theaters, nightclubs, dance halls and other places of. With some dry ice smoke, fumes and fired a laser beam scanning, also form text, graphics, animation effects. Music can also be played with intense laser light show, and that gorgeous bright colors intoxicating linger! Of course, under normal circumstances most commonly used laser light nightclubs, dance halls, a variety of performances, theaters, outdoor advertising and the landmarks. Widely used laser light laser light will stimulate market demand, businesses are in-terested, act now!

LED Beam Moving Head

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