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With the improvement of national economy and people’s cultural quality, stage design has occupied increasingly high proportion in the whole stage performances. We can say that whether a show is good or bad depends not only on the performer’s own strength and charm, but also depends on the level of stage art. So, for a concert, the application of diversified and high-tech stage equipments has become an important element to consider. Of course, this element will be manifested fully in the early period of publicity to attract more fans to join the tide of buying tickets. Propagandistic soft paper about top lighting and sound configuration is no longer popular, and those being widely acceptable are?? LED giant screen, 360 ° Hassle stage and a variety of alternative and personalized costumes. Anyway, enjoyment is always the purpose for engaging in a concert.

stage designs create classics

However, such evasive publicity must have its own reason. According to scientific tests, it is found that the average amount of information accepted from outside by eyes is thirty times as the amount of information received by the ear. That is why “vision” is the most effective sense for human cognitive activity. Stage performances include two parts: one is human performing category and another is image performing category. Visual arts presented for audience are not only actors’ performing arts, but also stage art. An integration of the two major areas shapes an actor’s image. Thus, the stage art is the important part of stage visual image.

More than 800 sets of moving head lights

Waterfall fireworks launcher

Concert creates “National Party” brand concept. In traditional concerts, there are always singers singing and dancing on stage, but fans always being “audience”, who has few opportunities to be engaged in. This time the concert will be a perfect combination of lighting and choreography and the Beijing Workers Stadium will become a giant Disco dance floor. To make audience from a long distance can feel the best performance effects, the organizers deliberately uses the world’s most top EV sound, making it an excellent sound quality. On stage, an advanced giant video wall with more than 500 inches was set and more than 800 light fixtures can weave stunning colorful space patterns. In addition, we also made a special order of more than 80 branches of the waterfall fireworks launcher from Japan.

In addition to a huge fantasy “8” pattern revolving stage, the Symphony passion water curtain is also a spectacle. By then, the audience will see the four “queens” singing and dancing in a spray of water. Mei said with a joke that those sitting close to the central of the stage can consider wearing a raincoat.

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