Fantastic News! The Stage Design of Mango Will Be Unprecedentedly Wonderful in 2013

2013 is a mysterious and unique year in Chinese people’s hearts. About 20 hours later, New Year’s bell will soon ring. Since 2005, Hunan TV for the first time to create the grand “New Year’s Eve” event mode on the vast land of China, people gradually accepted the significance of this festival with excitements and enjoyment. By the time passing, these original “New Year” activities of Hunan TV have been imitated by many other TV stations and the original word “Eve” has become a symbol of the times. Statistics shows that there will be 28 TV stations competing against each other in this New Year’s Eve. As the original protagonist, how will Hunan Satellite TV present a gorgeous stage to the national audience? On the 29th evening, journalists entered the Guangzhou International Sports Performing Arts Center to watch rehearsal. The cool and fantastic stage design and space scene shocked journalists who even used to see these big scenes.

led moving head lighting beam

2014, an ordinary Year for people around the world, attracts lots of common concern for various reasons. Stage design of Hunan Satellite TV on this New Year’s Eve fully absorbed these elements, which not only use the main stage as a design platform landscape, but also extend the choreography of three-dimensional design to the entire stadium.

The choreography director of Mango this New Year’s Eve, without suspense, is still Tang Yan, the chief stage designer of Hunan Satellite TV. He has once served as a choreography director in many activities, such as Happy Girl, Super Boy, Hunan Satellite TV New Year’s Eve concerts, Li Yuchun’s “Why Me” concert and Zhang Jie’s “It ‘s Love “concert. The year 2012 attracts people’s special attention. As the approaching of 2012, designer Tang Yan seems to have more thought about a harmonious coexistence of mankind and the universe. However, what kind of surprise will Tang Yan and his team present to us? Let’s look and see.

Designers then detailed to reporters about their design concept. Keywords in this New Year’s Eve include future predictions, Noah’s Ark, Alien Civilization, Blessing the Earth and World Peace. The key technical is that it broke the rigid framework of traditional concert choreography—-Layer + Truss (Rhea frame + truss). With careful and meticulous design and perfect combination of choreography and lighting and LED, audience in the concert will not see something blocking the line of their sights, but see something more exciting in the air. 8 giant luminous UFO aircrafts are not only artistic expression of choreography, but also the light carrier, which incorporates the brilliance of LED. For the ground segment, those moving head lights, which used to be randomly placed on the surface of stage, now are delicately hidden in the glass beneath the stage, making the lights a part of the foundation stage. This design creates the perfect combination of all the stage lights and stage design.

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