Stage artifact – Moving head lighting Past, Present and Future

After 1887, lights have been widely used in the theater, from then you can create changeable photosynthetic efficiency to match the performance of the atmosphere in play area and awning area which produce the Asia theory. In the 1960s, appeared on stage computer stage lighting, produced a leap in lighting.

The first generation of computer lights unified control platform

10w RGB laser light

With motor-driven color wheel and gobo wheel, function is relatively simple, only complete some low accuracy mobility features. USITT (United States Theater Technology Association) in unified DMX512 signal can be called a true first-generation computer lights, fixtures for the future direction of its development. But also it provides a play of light art platform simultaneously with the development of the light source from the original 575W gas discharge bulbs, upgrade to 1200W.

The accuracy of bit rate is raised from 8bit to16bit. Lamps also developed from the original mirror scanning lamps toMoving Head Light . SPOT and WASH began to appear on the lamp classification.

RGB 3-IN-1 LED moving head beam light 150W

The second generation of high power and network party lights

High power and computer lights like Martin and Robe have made computerization of lights come true, which fully use of electronic and software technology to achieve a multi-channel high-precision control. Some say channel multi-function does not mean much. But the truth is that function will be more and accuracy will be higher even at the same amount of functionality.

RGB mini led moving head wash

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