Stage and dance floor lamps grouping and Lighting console

Stage and dance floor lighting packet scheduling and optional light control device, is the key problem of a combination of an art and technology.

1, lamp grouping

Before the grouping to classify the lamp has been selected, and need to consider more from the artistic idea when grouping. For example mix of color, light distribution and what kind of atmosphere suitable for expression and so on. Then compiling the lamps which is simultaneously lit (or color) in parallel for a group, you can use of a switch (or light control units, go light machine a set of contacts) to control it. Grouping security issues must also be considered, technically calculated to ensure that the total current in parallel lamp post (power) can not exceed the control switch or contacts rated current value. Practice has proved that, in the medium and small dance halls, the lighting group if they can reach more than a dozen groups, twenty groups, you can have a strong expressive and variability. Large ballroom, theater, due to the complexity of the stage lighting, road frequently used dozens or even hundreds of Pro LED Spot Moving Head lights in order to meet the requirements of marshalling.

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2. Choice of lighting control equipment

Common lighting control devices include air switch, multiplexer board, chase machine, multi-channel program consoles, multi-channel dimming, a dedicated computer matching circuit lamp controllers, and so on. They have their own characteristics and adapt to different types of lamps and different occasions.

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Lighting console combines artificial Jog (touch switch), programmable and voice control functions. Thus, it is widely used in all kinds of entertainment places from middle and low to high-end occasion. Lighting console jog function can be used to replace the combination switch board and control lamps with various functions and changes without frequent operation. Lighting console programmed and voice control function can be used to control some features they don’t have. External control device alone can produce changes in lighting effects, such as lighting groups with different patterns and different colors. It is worth noting that programmable features should not be used to control a variety of LED Moving Head Beam lights, scanning lights and Disco Entertainment Moving Head Professional Stage Light , which have moving functions.

Dimming console belongs to the higher grade programmed console. In addition to on-off control function, it also has SCR dimming function, which is known as multi-channel dimming. Usually in order to create a different atmosphere, it is used for some lamps on stage or dance floor, where they need dimming function but don’t have this function itself.

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