2R/5R/7R/15R Sharpy Beam moving head light manufacturer

Moving lights come in many varieties, but mainly fit into two categories, moving head and moving mirror. Moving head type lights are lights where the entire fixture is mounted on a series of motors that allow the fixtures to pan and tilt, independently and at the same time. Moving mirror or scanner type fixtures are lights where the fixture itself does not move but instead there is a mirror attached to a pivot point that moves the beam once the light hits it. Moving head lights typically have a greater turning and greater tilt radius. While moving mirror or scanner lights take up less room, require less power, and have a faster pan and tilt speed. The world of automated lighting can be confusing, but well worth the research time. Getting the right fixture can make your production have that “Wow” factor. Bomgoo will be happy to work with you to decide the best lighting fixture for you.

6 thoughts on “2R/5R/7R/15R Sharpy Beam moving head light manufacturer”

  1. I am throwing a Dance Party and we are in need of lights. We have over 200 RSVP and we are looking for a good turnout. I am wondering how much is cost to use one of these lights. Get back to me whenever you’re free! Thank You!

  2. Please send me prices on 1.- Multi-head lacer lights
    2 .- Moving Head lights
    3 .-Single Color lacer lights
    Thank you very much
    Ruth Dalence

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