Full color RGB laser light

full color RGB laser light

Full color RGB laser light

Model Number:BG-RGB4000

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  • high speed scanner lasr light.
  • Play Mode: Sound Active/Auto-Play/DMX512/Master-Slave.Support lasershow software. e.g Pangolin ,Phoenix,Mamba.

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Laser Lighting Diode pumped solid state laser Beam Show Laser

Product Description

Power supply: AC100V-240V 50/60Hz, 50W
Laser Power: 800mW 532nm, TE-cooled 200mW 650nm, TE-cooled 350mW 450nm, TE-cooled.
Features: RGB color animation laser with 15KPPS high-speed optical scanner to create 3D Stereoscopic pictures. The new animtions will show you 3D structure, realistic animation, smooth lines.
Play mode: Sound Active, AUTO, DMX512
Scanner: 15KPPS high-speed optical scanner, ± 20° Scanning
Working enviroment: 10-40 degrees indoor

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