Relevant points on the practical application of stage lighting(2)

Function of Stage Lighting

1. Selective visibility and focus

In the theater, we often use the word to describe the effect of Light: “We only let the audience to see something we want to give them” We put the part we want to show to audience in the light, while the other part left in the dark. So, selective visibility is to locate light selectively according to different levels and importance of people or stage area. Because the human eye is particularly sensitive to light, when the stage lights are lit, the audience will focus eyes to in light place. In other words, the light is tantamount to lead the audience in the performance, which can always find the focus of search Light .

Stage Lighting KTV Bar  Shaking His Head Rotation Laser Light Dj Disco

2.Presents the set time and space conditions

In some scenarios, we has been suggested or implied conditions of time and space. For example, this scene took place in a certain period of one day in the morning or afternoon. And these plays in real time and space time will become the basic condition to follow. In order to decide the direction of the DJ Light source, color, and the effect created by the light of afternoon sun, or the effect of the winter morning, or the effect of red autumn leaves and so on.

RGBWWhite LED Moving Head Light

3. In order to set the stage screen with color mood (mood)

Stage provides a large space, such as a canvas, stage sets, costumes and other things. Without lights, people will not be seen. It is the director and lighting designer who use tools, brushes, paints to paint the stage with a little bit of color on the screen.

4. Create space and form

Stage lighting can clearly cut stage space and separate each performance area and Background, medium shot, prospects levels to show the depth of the stage with complete visual effects.

scanning rgb video constant current panel

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