Relevant points of stage lighting in the practical application

Any dramatic performances, except the daytime outdoor performances, all need a set of lighting. And if lighting is the only function of the stage Lights, as long as we arrange a group of fluorescent hanging on the stage, the actors and props and sets can get a stable and smooth light. But, clearly, the stage lights has more than the average of some use than general lighting. A set of efficient production stage lighting can band visual element together to increase fun of the audience to watch the show.

Stage Lighting has diversity with regularity, Its most important feature is to allow the audience’s emotions ups and downs with thousands of lights changing colors, feel more close to the story and role emotion.


Stage lighting contains:

1. Stage lights (the auditorium ceiling lamp Catwalk), usually using as surface light

2. Four rows of lights on the stage (the first row of the actors faces, the second row of the Head  of actors will have a three-dimensional effect, the third row of light playing behind, the fourth row of sky lights illuminated scenery)

3. Left and right side of the lamp

These are what a stage lighting designer does. Different light source, color film, angle can form thousands of changes of light, which not only enrich the actor’s facial expressions, movements, and create another time and space, especially in creating an atmosphere to enhance mood, almost the same functionality as music, but to symbolize the brightness of color and suggest the plot. In the text, for example, actors, scenery is a real pen, light is empty pen.

stage led beam moving head beam lighting

Designers should use brain power, technology to express the “melancholy” “indignant” and other abstract adjectives. So when you see play performances, without narration, lines, from the stage of hue, brightness, you can understand the drama of the season, the weather, the time, as well as emotional changes. In general, warm colors are used in comedy, cool colors tragedy. Of course, shadow shades are also excellent results of expression, while the director of the lighting concept is actually one of the main factors who maintain the consistent style of the whole drama. Roughly speaking, a dim Light Fixture  for the tragedy, the horror film bright lights is a matter warm, optimistic theme.

stage light high power led moving head light lamp

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