Regular testing all the stage equipments weekly

In addition to regularly monitoring of all projects, you need to note the following:

1. Upon detection, you should mainly test equipment connections, including power connection, DMX512 connections, etc., to see if there are loose, if there is a break point, etc;

2、At the same time, during the weekly testing, you should adjust the lamp position andDMX512 programming more comprehensively.

Monthly equipment maintenance and adjustment:

In addition to the monthly adjustments of all daily monitoring and weekly testing, this will be a very delicate task, requiring coordination of multiple departments, such as actors, bands, security, cleaning, etc.. At the same time, during the monthly testing, you have to complete the following tasks:

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1. Lamp position adjustment. Because there will be changes in the use of part of the lamp, causing light level changes, alleglic adjustments should be carried out monthly, including DMX512 signal control fixtures;

2. The mechanical equipment testing, including computer lights motors, color motors, special effects equipment nozzles, etc;

Check all lines. Detecting whether a break point, damaged, if there is leakage. Because it is hard to avoid some artificial factors appearing all sorts of unforeseen circumstances, such as ferrous wire is breaking or regular plug wire or a break point and so on. Therefore, this test should be very careful. and this test needs to be with the completion of the weak.

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Clean up the fixture external dust and garbage. Lights itself will have some garbage, such as light bulbs explosion residues in the garbage in the body. Another long storm drain in the audience area of laser show light , special effects machinery easy to fall into some garbage. Such as ribbon bar, fragments of glass, drinks raffinate etc. Therefore, Wipe the outside of the trash and dirt fixtures , and remove garbage inside the lamp, this link with the need cleaning.

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3. Check all fire-fighting equipment. Lighting, sound is one of the most centralized circuit types, strong power forward out weak, related equipment and more relevant wire. So fire is the top priority in light work. In a routine monthly inspection, people should cooperate with the Security Department. Conducting a comprehensive testing to all fire safety, fire-fighting equipment to, monitoring if all the normal degree of fire protection equipment is normal fire fighting equipment, and whether within the warranty period, and so on;

4. In addition to the daily monitoring, weekly testing, comprehensive monthly checks, Gaffer must be on all of the equipment and the environment is very understanding. Please do something to deal with in a timely manner, so as to get a good visual environment at the same time have adequate security.

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