Recommend BOMGOO BG-RGB-5000 for Animation laser light stage performances

BOMGOO BG-RGB-5000 uses high-speed galvanometer scanning technology, developing a broken pen, strobe, rotating, rolling, move, stretch, zoom, gradually painting, speed, color and other effects, built-in 128 beam and animation design, do beam animation shows, laser advertising, laser projectors and other purposes.

DMX DJ Disco Stage Lighting for Xmas Party


Model: BG-RGB-5000

Laser power: Red:2W Green:1W Blue:2W
full color synthetic 5WRGB

Scanning head: 40KPPS

Effect: beam and animation laser RGB full color animation, animation, character, text, and other patterns of light

DMX controller stage lights

Function:PC control,voice control,automatic light,automatic animation,online master-slave synchronization

DMX features: 12-channel control, a function of black

Computer Interface: Compatible ILDA laser show software control standard computer.
Full ILDA signal conversion using electronic switches

Security Intelligence: master-slave synchronization from the line in the next DMX and PC control mode will shut off laser automatically, PC control with built-in program mode when no signal automatic identification switching.

Application of places: disco, discos, bars, nightclubs and various large venues

auto adjustment quad color zoom led moving head light

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