Quality Control – Stage Laser Lighting

With many years on stage lightings, we mainly focus on providing our customers with high quality products.

Bomgoo quality promises:

1.return ratio <0.2%

2.customer satisfaction indexes >98%

3.product passing rate> 99.9%

If problems happens, please check:

1.whether products are used correctly

2.whether temperature and pressure are within working range

3.whether there is no impurity or dust inside

If all is right, Bomgoo will:

1.discuss the problem with you carefully and patiently

2.confirm the problem promptly

3.solve the problem as soon as possible

4.compensate your loss if the problem is caused by us

Quality Policy: technology and knowledge as pilot, brand development, customers oriented


Introduce the work process

1.1) The housing of laser light is ready. It is waiting for assembly


stage lighting


stage laser lighting

1.2) The PCB and CMOS chip are ready. It’s waiting for assembly


mini stage lighting

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