Professional 200W 5R Spot Moving Head LED Wash manufacturer

Description of 200W 5R Spot Moving Head LED Wash light

● Strobe :0-20 times / sec.
● Light source: 200W white LED
● Dimmer :0-100% electronic dimming
● Control: DMX512 port, 15 channels; LCD panel
● Fixed gobo wheel : 8 fixed gobos + white + rainbow effect + vibration effect
● Rotating gobo wheel: 7 easy to change the angle of rotation can be positioned patterns + + white + rainbow effect Gobo shake effect
● PAN: 540°/360°/180°(optional in the menu),8/16Bit adjustable, electronic correction
● Tilt: 270°/180°/90°(optional in the menu), 8/16Bit adjustable, electronic correction
● Can without controller,voice inspired a variety of built-in programs to run simultaneously
● Prism: rotating 3-facet prism (adjustable rotation speed and the forward and reverse)
● Color wheel: 7 color + white + Half color mixing+ rainbow color mixing effect

Featurer of 200W 5R Sharpy Beam Moving Head Light

moving head beam light equipped with 200w lamp. It owns 2 groups optics lens, bringing in strong and highly focused beam light which likes the laser effects. When illuminate towards the sky, the penetration of the beam light will bring you very impressive visual effects. The average life time reaches 2000-3000 hours for the lamp. This fixture has 14 colors, 17 gobos, 1 rotating 8-facet prism with moving effect,1 frost effect and beam angle 0-4° The Pan/tilt is driven by 3-phase motor, moving fast and noiselessly. The rated power is280w which will decrease 50w when the shutter is closed.

200W spot moving heads
Led Moving Head Wash Light DMX512-2

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