1.8W RGB Laser light show projector for sale

DMX 512, ILDA in/out compatible with all external laser control system , SD
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Laser light show projector: 1.8 Watt 20kpps – Red: 500mW 638nm, Green: 300mW 532nm, Blue: 1000mW 445nm. Solid laser cases made out of CNC machines. Equipped with the very latest diode technology and extremely advanced 20kpps scan galvos. This 1.8W RGB Laser light show projector model provide you low budget but high quality light show projector.

Animation Effect video of 1.8W RGB Laser light show projector

Beam Effect video of 1.8W RGB Laser light show projector

Specification of 1.8W RGB Laser light show projector

Laser Diode

Name: RGB1800 animation laser light
Laser power:1800mW
Color Blance:
Red>500mw/638nm ( <3.5x0.5mrad, ~ 2x4mm diameter) Green>300mW/532nm ( <2.0mrad, ~ 3mm diameter ) Blue>1000mw/445 ( <2.0mrad, ~ 2x3mm diameter ) Modulation : ANG,30K modulation Expected lifetime: 10,000 houes Warrantly: 1 year. Scanner System

Scan speed: 30k
Deflection Angle: 60 ° max
Galvo mirror size is:5*11mm
Expected lifetime: 60,000 houes
Warranty: 1 year

Controller system

DMX 512, ILDA in/out compatible with all external laser control system , SD


Size of case: 24*21*19cm
Weight: 12kg with flight case
Power Req: 90-250VAC / 300VA

Main features

State of art 532nm pure green laser diode: stable output and better lifetime compared to traditional other green.
Ports: ILDA DB-25, DMX, SD card, USB connecting (support ild. files)
FDA compliant with all secure features.
Beam Divergence <1mrad at full angle. Beam Diameter < 4mm Modulation : >100KHz Analog.
Scan speed: ILDA-40Kpps, ±25 °X/Y Scan Angle max:60° optical

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