2.5 W programmable laser light Equipment for sale

Digitally adjustable parameters: brightness,projection size, projection position, Z-axis tilt, XY axis invert, TEST frames, SD card files play.

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2.5 W programmable laser light system that is based on revolutionary 638nm 532nm 445nm Pure Diode Laser technology which ensures top class performance and long lifespan of the system. This 2.5 W laser model provide you low budget but high quality light show projector.

Video Effect of 2.5w programmable laser light Equipment

Beam Effect of 2.5w programmable laser light display

Specification of 2.5W RGB programmable Laser light Equipment

Laser Diode
Laser power:2500mW
Color Blance:
Red>1000mw/638nm ( <3.5x0.5mrad, ~ 2x4mm diameter) Green>500mW/532nm ( <2.0mrad, ~ 3mm diameter ) Blue>1000mw/445 ( <2.0mrad, ~ 2x3mm diameter ) Modulation : ANG,30K modulation Expected lifetime: 10,000 houes Warrantly: 1 year Scanner System
Scan speed: 30k
Deflection Angle: 60 ° max
Galvo mirror size is:5*11mm
Expected lifetime: 60,000 houes
Warranty: 1 year
Controller system
DMX 512, ILDA in/out compatible with all external laser control system , SD
Size of case: 24*21*19cm
Weight: 12kg with flight case
Power Req: 90-250VAC / 300VA

Main features

Sharp beams and precise projections
Brilliant RGB with great linear color fading behavior
Digitally adjustable parameters: brightness,projection size, projection position, Z-axis tilt, XY axis invert, TEST frames, SD card files play.
Ports: ILDA DB-25, DMX, SD card, USB connecting (support ild. files)
FDA compliant with all secure features.
Beam Divergence <1.1 mrad at full angle. Beam Diameter < 3mm Modulation : >50KHz Analog.
Scanspeed: ILDA-30Kpps, ±30 °
Can be operated with any ILDA-compatible controller. Works great with this Quickshow 2.0 FB3 Laser Software.


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    I was amazed …this projector was easy to set up and operate. Brings life to a party…my guests danced all night!!!!! Thanks awesome product.

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    I will buy more of these……easy and light using it with our DJ mobile systems

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    Very cool light I love it. I used it for a wedding party and it was amazing.

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    Hey i saw one of your videos of a wedding, i really liked those lights, which kid are they and how much they cost?

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    Hi, what’s the price on this laser?

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      Please check your email. Any question, please let me know.
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    Looking for a good laser projector with budget around $200.
    I do rave events.

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    SKU: 201604121044

    can you please give me a price and ship to Australia . Australian dollars

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    Please sent me a pricelist and the Costs to send the Laser to Germany.



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    How do I buy your lasers??? and how much?

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    this is a small night club names Mexican village room size is 22×70 ft

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    Please could send me prices of your 2.5 and 3 w laser equipment ?


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    I was wondering if I could get a price on the 2.5 watt and the 1.8 watt club laser lights.

    Thank you!

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