rgb outdoor laser light show equipment

13W outdoor laser light show equipment for sale

Can be operated with any ILDA-compatible controller. Works great with Quickshow 2.0 FB3 Laser Software.
FDA compliant with all secure features

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Video Effect of 13W outdoor laser light show equipment

Animation Effect of 13W outdoor laser light show equipment

Specification of 13W outdoor laser light show equipment

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: packed in international standard carton or flight case ( size:39*36*36cm/pcs weight:13.5kgs/pcs flight case:size 44*45*40cm/pcs weight:13kgs/pcs)
Delivery Detail: Shipped in 7 days after payment.

13w DPSS laser sharp beam laser lighting
Animation laser,DMX512,18CH, AUTO,Sound,ILDA control,256 patterns,ANG,10K modulation
DMX, self-propelled, voice
DMX512 mode will cut off automatically without signal,
Designed according to the security and good performance, this is safe to human and environment;

RGB130 00mw(R>3W/638nm or 637nm G>5W/532nm or 530nm, B>5W/445nm)
Power Supply:110V/220V, 50-60Hz
Functions:DMX512, ILDA,Sound activated, AUTO-beam/animation, Master-Slave
Laser Source:DPSS(Diode Pumped Solid State Laser)

1.We have used American’s Pangolin Laser Show Designer System software, we can draw laser light or picture through computer, and then show effect right away.
2.Through scientific design of light path and reasonable spectrophotometric technology, laser display system can show effect smoothly.
3.Using central control system, system will run safety and reliably.
4.Powerful scientific strength and considerate after-sale service will make you satisfied.

DJ, Bands,Bars,Pubs,Clubs,Roller skating rinks,KTV,Family party,huge parties etc.
Voltage : AC110V/230V 50~60Hz±10%
Power consumption : 150w
Laser source : Solid semi-conductor laser generator
Modulating signal : Analog modulation 10K
Laser wavelength : RGB130 00mw(R>3W/637nm G>5W/532nm, B>5W/445nm)
Laser power : Red 3000mw,Green 5000mw,Blue 5000mw
Color : RGB
Scanner system : 40Kpps (you can use Pangolin to test the scanner speed)
Scanner angle : ±30 degree
Control signal : DMX-512 international standard signal
patterns : 256 patterns
Control mode: DMX-512, music control, automatic,master&slave,ILDA control
Operating environment : Indoor or outdoor
Working temperature : -20°C~45°C


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    What is the cost?

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    Cost and do you at least 2?

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    We shoot our local towns fireworks and thought it would be cool to shoot lasers at the the smoke with words and pictures. Would that work good and how much would a unit cost to do that? Is it easy to program?

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    Cost? Must be color

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    I LOVE this product. It has a great show and even works in the day time. I had to buy another one.

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    Great product for the price! Nice, light, and with a good coverage area, for the price, can’t beat it! very pleased!

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    Very cool effect and very good costumer service.

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    bonder, what is you price on 13watt rgb laser?
    do you sell higher power lasers?
    what brand name are the scanners?

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    How much?

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      Please check you mail.

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    Hi, how much for this laser?

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    I’m building up my show need to know prices

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    Would like pricing info

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    would like outdoor laser light shoe equipment to mount to roof top of school bus style truck
    bus details go to face book fire police support rehab unit

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    would like to purchase outdoor laser light show equipment to mount to roof top of school bus style truck
    bus details go to face book fire police support rehab unit

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    We need some laser lights for our youth group for worship music and for dances and special events. I like the 4 lasers that all work together and I like the middle one that shows all kinds of images. How much are we talking to get into those 5 or so pieces of equipment?